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Payroll Integration Options

QuickBooks Online Integration

By far, the most simple Hour Timesheet solution is the option to connect your QuickBooks company file to your Hour Timesheet account. With this option you are able to select which data elements to sync between your QuickBooks company file and Hour Timesheet. The syncing of the two solutions will populate the following information into your Hour Timesheet account. MORE



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QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Connect your QuickBooks Desktop version company file to your Hour Timesheet Account. With this option, Hour Timesheet utilizes the QuickBooks Web Connector to enable the exchange of data between your company file in QuickBooks Desktop and Hour Timesheet. The import process is run each time new data is entered in your QuickBooks company file. MORE



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Custom - Stand Alone Integration

For our clients who don't fit into a nice clean box, we offer our custom stand-alone solution which allows the user to define timesheet drop down labels used to define data elements on employee timesheet. Up to 5 different data elements may be tracked in Hour Timesheet. This option fits nicely for clients who use 3rd party payroll solutions. MORE





Which Solution is Right for you?

Your objective for purchasing time tracking software will determine which solution is best fit for you and your organization.

  1. Will you use employee timesheet data for calculating payroll?
  2. Do you invoice your clients for billable hours?
  3. Do you have a need for a time clock or web clock to track in and out punches?
  4. Do you require an outside project manager to sign-off on employee time cards?
  5. Do you need to track time against activity levels that are not in your accounting software?
  6. Do you manage employees in multiple locations ?
  7. Do you need to track billable rates vs non-billable rates?
  8. Do you need to track both work hours and non-work (leave) hours?
  9. Do you need real time reports for your customer base?

Call or email us today to find out which solution is right for you. Hour Timesheet offers simple timesheet software at an affordable price. Recently designated as one of the leading time tracker solutions in the market today.

All of the above options include mobile app accessibility and DCAA compliance


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