About Us

Hour Timesheet

Who We Are

Industry thought leaders providing government contractors with a simple DCAA compliant timekeeping solution

Hour Timesheet was created by industry thought leaders to provide government contractors with a DCAA compliant solution that is simple to use, yet complex in features. We understand the full cycle of the employee timekeeping data. We understand rate structures, indirect categories, financial reporting requirements, DCAA compliance and most of all, we understand software.

Where it all began

Manual and paper-based solutions are a thing of the past

In the days of manual data entry, the need for tools to automate processes became increasing apparent to meet the demands of managing a successful government contract.  Prompt reporting requirements became a sore spot for contractors who couldn’t keep up.  Contract deliverables demanded timely and accurate employee timesheet data to properly manage a government contract.  Payroll, invoicing, contract awards and award fee evaluations all hinged on properly collecting and managing employee timesheet data.  That’s where Hour Timesheet comes in…. we provide you a SIMPLE solution for employee time tracking while helping you eliminate the expenses tied to manual and unnecessary work-flow processes.

What we offer

We provide you a SIMPLE solution for employee time tracking

When you sign up for a free 30-day trial Hour Timesheet account, you are signing up for more than just a software subscription, you also benefit from having experts assist you with the setup and support of your Hour Timesheet account at no additional charge.

Why Hour Timesheet

We understand your business and are passionate about timekeeping and improving your processes

Staying focused on what you do best can help take your business to the next level. At Hour Timesheet, we help you stay focused. We are passionate about partnering with small businesses that value quality time & attendance software. We can help you customize your account in way that makes sense to your employees and your payroll team. Whether you need help with the setup, consulting advice, or navigating QuickBooks as you take care of your business needs, you can find help at Hour Timesheet.

Our goal is to simplify your accounting related workflow processes