Easy Leave Management with Hour Timesheet

Free leave tracking setup assistance included with every account

Earned Leave

Leave hours are earned based on the number of hours worked on the employee timesheet.

Accrued Leave

Leave hours are accrued based on the employee's hire date. Accrual options are weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

Comp Time Leave

With HTS, You can build your comp time rules specific to your contract requirements

Hour Timesheet Leave Management Benefits

› 24/7 access to leave information in the cloud
› Access to leave balance detail on timesheet
› Enforcement of leave policies company-wide
› Enhanced insight - supervisors alerts when employee requests leave
› Eliminate manual calculations of leave balances
› Eliminate paper-based leave request
› System-managed carry-over values from year to year

Easy, Flexible and customized Leave management for your employees.

Free app downloads available in Android and IOS apps marketplace.

Employee Leave Management

Perfect for Any Size Business. Large or Small.

Online Leave Request and Approval Process

Automated your employee leave request and supervisor workflow

Leave Balance Access on Employee Timesheet

Restrict Employees from Using Leave They Don't Have

Customized Leave Policy Rules

Specific to Your Organization