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Hour Timesheet features include:

Detailed audit trail of all timesheet entries

The Hour Timesheet audit trail contains an detailed activity log. This log includes the username, IP address and a time and date stamp of all entries made to the timesheet, capturing both hours worked and paid time off entries.

Automated daily timesheet reminders

DCAA compliance states that employees must enter and record time daily. Hour Timesheet will send employees who forgot to enter hours worked each day an automated reminder.

Track Indirect (non-billable) time

DCAA requirements state that all hours must be tracked in a compliant timekeeping system. Hour Timesheet allows users to track both direct and indirect cost entries within the time sheet. Assign non-billable codes to users. G&A, Overhead, B&P, Business Development.

Multiple supervisor signatures

In order to comply with applicable regulations, 2 signatures are required on each timesheet. One at the employee level (employee submittal) and a 2nd at the supervisor level. Hour Timesheet allows for online signatures at both the employee and manager levels of an organization.

Authorized charges

Hour Timesheet includes the ability to limit employees to only see charge codes they are authorized to work on. This feature is accessible to both full time employees and time sheet information for contractors (subcontractors and 1099’s)

Reason required

Employees who don’t enter time daily will be prompted to enter a reason for the tardy entry. Hour Timesheet also requires the user to enter a reason for editing previously entered data on a timesheet.

Correction timesheet process

Hour Timesheet includes a correction timesheet process providing alerts (emails) to supervisors and site admins when correction time sheets are created.

Wondering how to make your business DCAA compliant? We’ve created a DCAA Compliance Checklist to ensure that you’ve made all the updates necessary to take on government contracts!

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