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  • Does Hour Timesheet Support both QuickBooks Online and Desktop?

    Yes, we provide a simple 1-click integration with both.

  • Is Hour Timesheet a SaaS product?

    Yes, Hour Timesheet is in the cloud. No servers or network needed. As long as you have access to the Internet, you have access to Hour Timesheet.

  • Does Hour Timesheet contain employee leave management?

    Yes, we can manage your employee leave accruals for you. There are options for weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly accruals available .

  • What is the minimum monthly license?

    We have a 10-user minimum. At $3/user, that's just $30 a month.

  • Does Hour Timesheet support mobile time tracking?

    Yes, Hour Timesheet is accessible on any smart phone, tablet or iPad.

  • What kind of security does Hour Timesheet use to protect our company data?

    Our software is PCI compliant and never share any information with a third party or others. Our application uses a 2048 bit SSL certificate to do secure communication. All customers will have their websites SSL secured. All sensitive data is encrypted and not readable by humans.

  • Does Hour Timesheet integrate with 3rd party payroll software solutions?

    Yes, we will create a simple report that allows you to give your payroll company the files and data they need. We work with ADP, Paychex, Paylocity, Insperity and more.

  • What features make Hour Timesheet DCAA compliant?

    Our detailed audit trail, employee signatures, supervisor approvals, change reason requests, and correction timesheet workflows ensure Hour Timesheet is DCAA compliant.

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  • Features

    Time & Attendance Software

    A Complete Employee Timesheet Solution

    Managing project cost, overtime  and  employee attendance is simple with Hour Timesheet Employee Timekeeping Software.  Includes a 1-click interface with QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP, Insperity, Deltek and more. DCAA compliance includes detailed audit trail, manager approvals, daily timesheet reminders and more.  We even offer an 8-day timesheet option.

    Leave Management

    Track Employee Attendance with Automated Workflows


    Our software gives employees access to complete leave history (accruals, carry-overs, etc.) and managing leave requests at a glance. The fully automated service tracks and manages employees' paid time-off, vacation, sick days or other custom time-off types.

    Mobile Access

    Available in both Android and iOS Marketplace


    Employee time clock app for your remote workforce. Get up-to-date information from the field to lower labor costs, improve productivity and ease payroll tasks. Track breaks, lunch, drive time and more. Compliance without any extra cost.

    Time Clock Integration

    Biometric, HID Prox and Bar Code Readers Available

    If tracking, collecting and managing time and attendance is a challenge for your workforce, Hour Timesheet has the solution. We will work with you to provide a complete time and attendance solution for you.


    Plans & Pricing

    Simple Employee Timekeeping Software


    $3 per user
    • Job Tracking
    • Alerts
    • Reports
    • Web Clock
    • Mobile App
    • Manager Approvals
    • DCAA Compliance
    • QBD Integration
    • Payroll Integration
    • n/a
    • n/a
    • Free support, setup & training


    $4 per user
    • Job Tracking
    • Alerts
    • Reports
    • Web Clock
    • Mobile App
    • Manager Approvals
    • DCAA Compliance
    • QuickBooks Integration
    • Payroll Integration
    • Leave Request
    • Employee Leave Management
    • Free support, setup & training

    Free Support, Free Setup and Free Training

    No contract, pay as you go (month-to-month)


    A Simple Timesheet App by Hour Timesheet that is DCAA Compliant

    A real-time, project management, time keeping app that includes employee scheduling, a time clock app and simple timesheet software that allows you to:

    - Track billable hours
    - Track employee time at work and at home (remote)
    - Track time against overhead and G&A
    - Track employee locations
    - Review employee time logs
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