Searching for Timekeeping Software?

Feature Options and Expectations


What basic features should I expect in a time and attendance software?

Project Tracking

Efficient timesheet software should allow employee to track work hours by project or labor cost using a mobile device, a time clock or a cloud based login page.

Overtime Calculations

All basic time and attendance solutions should correctly manage overtime rules. Systems should be robust enough to define overtime logic and apply the logic to the employee time sheet.

In/Out Tracking

Time tracking solution should record hours worked by allowing for employees to clock in and out. This may be a simple web clock, mobile app or a clock hardware device such as a swipe card, a PIN or fingerprint recognition device. Small businesses who can't afford expensive biometric time clocks have several options for eliminating buddy punching and tracking time.


Timesheet software should include the ability to allow managers to publish and see employee work schedules as well as approved leave for a given time period. A good time and attendance management solution will also provide employee access to up-to-date employee schedules both online and on a smart phone.

Absence (leave) management

The time and attendance system should monitor employee absence time as well as hours worked. This includes absences due to illness, holiday time or paid time off. Not only do employees need to record absence time but an automated workflow of future requested leave is beneficial.

Payroll Sync

Integration with the payroll software means fewer mistakes and improved payroll processing time. Look in the QuickBooks Marketplace for 3rd party apps that meet your requirements for time and attendance software.

Real-time data

Managers can make up-to-the-minute decisions regarding project management with access to online time cards. Companies who are able to track employee hours regardless of location can directly impact the future goals of the company.

Employee self-service

A system that promotes employee accountability increases employee morale.

Mobile access

As the workforce continues to be spread out. A good solution should include a mobile app available in both the Android and iOS marketplace.


Most time tracking systems will come with a set of standard reports, offering insights into hours worked, shift patterns, and time off.