Switching to an automated timekeeping solution

Will help you win more business!

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Automation Saves Time

The most basic benefit to your business is that less time will be spent, both by employees and your accounting staff, tracking, recording and processing timesheet information that drives payroll. Some businesses have reported cutting their time calculating payroll  processing time up to 70% each month after implementing an employee time tracking software solution such as Hour Timesheet.

Automation Aids in Compliance

State and federal labor laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, regulates things like overtime pay and record keeping, both of which can be problematic when using the wrong time and attendance solution. Employers are required to accurately record the hours worked by nonexempt employees and to pay them for all time worked. These requirements appear straightforward. In practice, however, capturing the time worked by employees can be difficult, making accurate payment of wages a challenge. Using an online solution such as Hour Timesheet helps your organization stay within the law.

Automation Eliminates Calculation Errors

Every company has had issues at one time or another when it comes to employees not receiving the proper amount of pay for inaccurate time reporting. Wage and hour lawsuits, particularly those claiming that employees were not compensated for all hours worked, are one of the most common types of lawsuits brought by employees against employers. With Hour Timesheet, employees submit each timesheet which includes a detailed audit trail of all timesheet activity and reduces errors immediately.

Automation Saves Money

The bottom line for any business is to be profitable, and businesses are constantly looking for a way to cut costs and increase profits. When they have an automated employee time tracking software solution, they are better able to understand the company workflow, and see where there are any problems that need to be addressed.

Automation Promotes Communication

Employees get nervous when they hear their company is in the process of automating the way they track time and attendance. They hear the words “time management software”, "location tracking" and "eliminate buddy punching" and immediately conclude that big brother is watching.

Employers need to make sure that their employees realize the reasons for having time timekeeping software. It is about payroll issues, client billing, and cutting expenses and improving the flow of data into a company's payroll system. These are things they can understand.

Automation Provides Real Time Project Insight

The right automated system has the capability to help employees to better capture their project work hours, while giving managers visibility into the employee’s work day. In addition, companies who hire contractors or have remote employees, can keep costs down while ensuring accountability.

Business owners and managers can see the overall picture of time spent on a project in real time, which can help them re-prioritize or streamline processes and project timelines.

Automation Improves Work Morale

Overall, automated time clock software makes employees happier because the solution guarantees timely and accurate pay. Employees gain secure access and accountability with their personal data and time card history. This makes it easier for employees to access information without having to go through the human resources or the accounting department.

Employees feel empowered when they have access to their own past employee time records, and that level of empowerment can lead to increased satisfaction on the job.

Managing employee time tracking software can be a hassle for any company, but it doesn’t have to be. Timekeeping software such as Hour Timesheet can eliminate the frustrations that accompany timekeeping by automating the processes associated to payroll and billing.

Most businesses already use an automated payroll service, but many are slow to migrate to an automated timekeeping software solution and still using manual employee time tracking software systems.