Hour Timesheet Case Study: Bank Security

The perfect solution for documenting paid wages

About the Firm

This 90-person company provides security to the banking industry and operates in several different states throughout the U.S. The client has requested to remain anonymous, while sharing their experiences and successes using Hour Timesheet.

Strategy and Goals

At the time they came to Hour Timesheet, this company had recently lost three separate legal cases for unpaid wages filed by terminated employees. In each case, the company had to pay the employee. The organization lost the cases because they did not have the proper time keeping documentation in place to support their payroll claims in court accurately.

Additionally, current employees were submitting worked hours along with overtime and leave hours via email. There wasn’t a central location to review past or current timesheet data for every employee.

The company decided it was the time to start shopping for time and attendance software. Their lack of accurate timekeeping had cost them tremendously financially, and they didn’t want to repeat past mistakes. They also needed software with a mobile app that would allow their remote employees to track their daily hours quickly and accurately, while being simple enough to use. It was necessary for all employees to easily understand the software and that they weren't paying for extra features that wouldn't be utilized.

After substantial research and cross-market comparison, the company chose Hour Timesheet, not only for its user-friendliness, but for its integration with QuickBooks Desktop.

Additionally, they were won over by Hour Timesheet's complementary offer of a dedicated account manager to assist them during the setup process. This gesture made the onboarding process a stress-free experience. It was a dramatically different approach than what other companies offered.

Final Results

Now that Hour Timesheet has been fully integrated for some time, the company has significantly decreased its payroll adjustments and increased payroll accuracy. The back and forth that was so typical between employees and the payroll department is now a thing of the past. The company has the accurate documentation should they ever have to defend themselves in court over claims of any unpaid wages. Hour Timesheet proves both a detailed timesheet and audit log that documents all employee work hours, so they continue to stay organized and up-to-date.

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