Hour Timesheet Case Study: The Newberry Group

The perfect solution for migration from Deltek to QuickBooks

About Newberry Group

The Newberry Group provides signature IT services for several different clients in the Defense, Civil, and Intelligence government communities, where adhering to rules, regulations, and security is critical within the organization.

Strategy and Goals

The Newberry Group had initially begun using timekeeping software to facilitate the posting of labor to its various contracts. Their time tracking software came as an added benefit within their Deltek GCS Premier accounting software. But when the company moved their accounting software over to QuickBooks, they were forced to find something new for their timekeeping needs. At that time, Newberry hired a 3rd party advisor to support the migration from Deltek to QuickBooks and it was this advisor who suggested that they look at the Hour Timesheet software solution to meet their timekeeping requirements.

Newberry wanted a solution that would reflect their corporate’s mantra “to bring ethical behavior, professional excellence, and uncompromised integrity to achieve client, individual, and corporate goals.”

"As a government contractor, timekeeping is vitally important to our business and critically important to having an approved accounting system." - Christopher J Pugh, Executive Vice President & CFO, The Newberry Group, Inc.


After comparing software across the market, the Newberry Group chose Hour Timesheet in the end because of the ease with which it interfaces with QuickBooks, unlike their former timekeeping software. Cost was another attractive feature. Hour Timesheet was competitively priced for a DCAA-compliant software package compared to other market options.

Final Results

Since adopting Hour Timesheet, the posting of labor to contracts has not only gotten easier, but the Newberry Group has noticed a dramatic improvement in workflow. Compared to the former time tracking software (Deltek), which would take hours to complete the processing of timesheets, using Hour Timesheet cut the time to process timesheets by 80%.

"The labor distribution process works like a champ, taking less than 30 minutes every two weeks to post labor to the general ledger."- Christopher J Pugh, Executive Vice President & CFO, The Newberry Group, Inc.


The Newberry Group also discovered that Hour Timesheet had numerous other advantages built into their software. The timekeeping procedures were clear for all employees and were easy to follow daily, with built-in time tracking reminders, daily timesheet approvals and real-time reporting.

The Hour Timesheet software solution also helped the Newberry finance team gather the necessary documentation, including back-up invoice data, accurate timesheet data, and real-time reports.

The Newberry Group understood that proper timekeeping is critical in terms of DCAA compliance. One of the most critical portions of a DCAA audit is detailed labor and cost center tracking, including DCAA-compliant timekeeping. Technology solutions such as Hour Timesheet can automate the costly process of capturing and reporting contract-specific data and provide critical supporting documentation for DCAA and contract related requirements.

Achieving DCAA Compliance was a joint success between Hour Timesheet and the Newberry Group's staff, and a strong relationship carried through to this day.

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