The Cost Of Employee Absenteeism

As an employer, you will experience absences in the workforce week to week. Typical reasons for an employee’s absence, such as an illness or paid time off (PTO), resolve quickly. The employee returns to work with little to no disruption to his job.

Absences become a problem when they evolve into absenteeism

Employee absenteeism is an intentional, or habitual, absence from work. It leads to decreased productivity, lowers team morale, and ultimately affects the financials of the company. It is of the utmost importance to catch absenteeism as soon as possible. Having a proper attendance policy, or policies, can help curb this problem. However, in order to start, it is important to understand how absenteeism truly affects your bottom line.

Download eBook to help you build your employee attendance policy and learn how to: 

  • Analyze the reasons why your employees are absent
  • Define areas your policy will cover
  • Communicate consequences of absenteeism with workforce

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Time & Attendance Software

A Complete Employee Timesheet Solution

Manage job cost, overtime regulations and employee attendance with Hour Timesheet’s Employee and Contractor Timekeeping Software.  Hour Timesheet includes a 1-click interface with QuickBooks, Paychex, ADP, Insperity, Deltek and more easy to use features. Hour Timesheet is DCAA Compliant, which includes detailed audit trail, manager approvals, daily timesheet reminders, job costing and more.  We even offer an 8-day timesheet option.

Leave Management

Employee Attendance Tracking with Real-time Data

The Hour Timesheet software gives employees access to leave balance data such as current balances and accrual & carry-over values. Users are able to submit an online leave requests with a single click. Let HTS track and manage your pto, vacation, sick, and holiday leave with ease.

Mobile Access

Available in both Android and iOS Marketplace

Hour Timesheet Mobile© is the perfect time keeping app for your remote workforce. Users at home, on travel or working at your client’s site can quickly and easily track breaks, lunch, drive time, employee location and more. HTS Mobile© adds compliance to your time tracking without any additional cost.

Time Clock Integration

Biometric, HID Prox and Bar Code Readers Available

If tracking, collecting and managing time and attendance is a challenge for your workforce, the Hour Timesheet Workforce Time Clock© is the solution for you.  Users can clock in with a PIN number, an ID card or proximity reader in seconds while managers have access to clock punches online and in real-time.

Employee Time Clock Machine

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