Why Use Hour Timesheet instead of the QuickBooks ?

A 3rd-party DCAA Timekeeping Software Solution is a Must For the Government Contracting Industry

Many government contractors have tried and failed to pass a DCAA audit while using only the time card features that come with basic QuickBooks software package. It doesn't take much inspecting before realizing the key features of DCAA timekeeping requirements are not in the product at all.

Below are the top "missing ingredients" that make vendors like Hour Timesheet a great choice for capturing employee timesheet data.

  • Hour Timesheet - contains an activity log that tracks the username, IP address and a time and date stamp of all entries made to the timesheet.
  • QuickBooks - no audit trail is included
  • Hour Timesheet - allows for multiple manager signatures to any employee timesheet. Employees in a cross functional (matrix) organization can have each manager approve the timesheet.
  • QuickBooks -  does not include the ability to review and approve time entries by managers.
  •  Hour Timesheet - includes the ability to limit employees to only see charge codes they and track time against the authorized to charge they are assigned to. This feature limits what the employee can see on the timesheet and also eliminates the possibility of employees charging to wrong job codes or labor cost code.
  • QuickBooks - No charge code limitation features are available.
  • Hour Timesheet - employees who don't enter work hours daily can be prompted to enter a reason for the tardy entry. Hour Timesheet also requires the user to enter a reason for editing a previously entered data on a timesheet in real time.
  • QuickBooks timesheet feature does not.
  • Hour Timesheet- includes a correction timesheet process providing alerts (emails) to supervisors and site admins when correction timesheets are created.
  • QuickBooks - feature does not exist other than a manual entry to update the corrected data.

Are 3rd-Party Tools Secure & Reliable?

With a click of a button Hour Timesheet syncs all of your QuickBooks Timesheet data to/from QuickBooks. Enter data ONCE in QuickBooks. Use the import tool inside Hour Timesheet to populate your site. The import tool can be used to update your data ANYTIME and ANYWHERE.

Question? What kind of data does the Web Connector sync with Hour Timesheet?



Vendors (1099's)

Customers & Jobs

Payroll Items

Service Items


Question: What does Hour Timesheet Send to QuickBooks?

Answer: The Timesheet Export process will populate the weekly time cards in your company QuickBooks file with the following data.