iOS and Android Timekeeping Applications

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Looking for a free time card app?

Keeping an eye on employee work hours is not an optional task. The FLSA requires employers to keep records of hours worked by employees. For many reasons, employers need to keep accurate records of all hours worked, including starting and quitting times for hourly employees. With the growing percentage of the remote workforce, finding a good employee time card app for your workforce is of growing importance.

When comparing time tracking software tools, you will need to know what exactly you are looking for. Below are some features that all of the best time card apps should have in common.

  • ♥ Android and iOS options
  • ♥ Cloud based administrative access (manage missed punches and timesheet approvals)
  • ♥ Ability to store data offline
  • ♥ Incorporates employee paid time off and sick leave tracking
  • ♥ Restricts employees from editing time entries
  • ♥ Ability to clock in and clock out from multiple tools (web access vs mobile app)
  • ♥ Includes employee scheduling
  • ♥ Tracks employee time against project codes
  • ♥ Displays total work hours in real time
  • ♥ A detailed audit trail capturing the employees clock in and out locations (The FLSA requires that employee timesheet records capture and display the date and time a worker's workweek starts, the number of hours worked each day, and the total hours worked during the week.)

iOS and Android now essential to small business management

With faster speeds, stronger devices, and more work being done in the cloud, working from a mobile app is now a reality for many businesses. Hardware, software, and networking advances allow remote workers and business travelers, to stay in contact and get more done while on the go.

Take advantage of technology and try a time clock app today. Employees will love the idea of having the ability to track time and access employee hours.