Hour Timesheet

Seamless Embedded Payroll By Gusto

Save Time on Repeated Payroll Task

No More Manually Tracking Hours and Re-Entering Data Every Pay Period.

Save Money With a Bundled Solution

One Less Service Provider You Need to Manage and Pay. Stretch Your Spend Intelligently With Fewer Partners.

Hour Timesheet's Embedded Payroll by Gusto makes running payroll a breeze for over 100,000 businesses like yours.

Easy, Fast, Reliable

Hour Timesheet Payroll Features & Benefits


We automatically send timesheet hours to payroll to simplify your payroll and help keep you compliant, as well as provide awesome support.

All-in-One Place

One modern, integrated platform makes it easier to manage timesheets, run payroll and stay compliant.

Full Leave Management

Our integrated time-off requests, PTO reporting, and automated accruals make it easy to pay your team accurately while out of the office.

Comprehensive Reporting

Users can generate various reports related to payroll, taxes, and employee data, aiding in decision-making and compliance.

QuickBooks Integration

Includes a simple interface to sync with QuickBooks for simplified invoicing and billing for your clients.

DCAA Compliance

FAR compliant time tracking for GovCon clients who need a reliable and affordable solution that is guaranteed to pass an audit.

A Simple Solution You Can Trust

Compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind.

No forgotten forms or signatures.
Employee I-9s and W-2s, and contractor 1099s are stored and organized online.

State tax registration in all 50 states.
We provide you with the resources to register in all the states your employees live and work.

Auto-calculations for fewer mistakes.
We keep track of changing tax laws and do the calculations for you.

Switching To A Better Option

Changing providers takes just three easy steps

Sign up for Hour Timesheet’s payroll

Sign up for Hour Timesheet’s payroll

Talk to our support team to get started. Email support@hourtimesheet.com or call 1.832.779.5658 to sign up today.

Provide Us With Your Historical Payroll Information

Provide Us With Your Historical Payroll Information

This data is required to make sure there are no hiccups with your tax filings and payments. The current year's payroll history can be entered by pay period or quarter.

Set Up Direct Deposits

Set Up Direct Deposits

Re-input your employees bank information for direct deposit

It’s Time For A Better Solution!