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Employee Details

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Employee Detail

Detail :  Manage Authorized Charges

The employee detail page displays the charge code associations for each timesheet user (which limit what each user can charge to when entering hours on a timesheet).

To remove a code from the user’s timesheet, click the pencil icon and enter an end date prior to the current period.

Employee Authorized Charge Codes

Detail : Manage Leave

This page displays the leave associations and balances for each end user. Associated leave types are required so that the timesheet can select “Add Leave Hours” from the timesheet. If Hour Timesheet is managing leave for your workforce, balances can be adjusted using the edit icon.

Employee Leave Balances

Leave Audit Trail Log

The leave log can be viewed by clicking the + in the actions column. This log will show each change in the employee’s leave balance.

Leave Log

Detail : Manage Overtime Rules

This page displays the overtime rules assigned to each employee.  To assign overtime rules to each user, you will need to navigate to the Settings/Overtime Rules menu.

Manage Overtime Rules

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