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Setting up System Roles

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Types of Users (Roles)

After setting up your new site, you will need to establish system roles. By default, all users are assigned the employee role and the creator of the site is assigned the Admin role.  Hour Timesheet consists of 4 types of users:

Employees – System role allowing users access to individual timesheet entry.

Supervisors – System role allowing users to manage employee timesheet data. This includes approving, rejecting and editing employee timesheet data as well as running reports.

Accountants – System role allowing users ability to export approved timesheet data to specified accounting and/our payroll software. Users with the accounting role also have access to run reports as well as associate charge codes, leave types and payroll items to groups and employees.

Admin– System role allowing management of data to/from company payroll file. The admin role is also responsible for all system setting such as overtime settings, timesheet period and notifications settings.

Assigning User Roles

To assign roles to users, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Hour Timesheet as an admin

2. Navigate to the Employee menu

3. Identify the users from the list that are Supervisors, Accountants or Admins  and click the Assign Roles link.

Assign Roles screenshot

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