Customer Support Services

Finding a way to properly organize, manage, and track employee and contractor hours is important for any organization. Hour Timesheet, a top timesheet tracking software program, can help you keep track of hours worked, paid time off, and DCAA compliance.  One service that sets this solution above it's competitors is it's great customer service and support services. There are several features of HTS that helps to ensure your HTS implementation will be a successful and that you will see a quick ROI for managing your  payroll and invoicing service.

Demo Request

One of the key features of this program is that you can receive a free demo. Before investing in any new time tracking program, you will want to make sure that you know how it works, what the key features are, and how it is differentiated from other programs. Those interested in Hour Timesheet can receive a full online guided tutorial and demo to learn more.

Free Trial

After receiving a free, guided demo of the platform, Hour Timesheet offers a completely free, 30-day trial of the program. This is available to anyone, with no hidden fees. This trial will give you the opportunity to see if this is the best program for your business and your timesheet management needs.

Free Training

When you are going to use any new software program, it is always important that you know how to use it to its fullest. Hour Timesheet offers you a free training service from their customer support agents. This is a key feature that helps to ensure customer satisfaction. This will include helping you learn how to start the program, how to onboard new users, and how it can then be integrated through your other programs including QuickBooks time management software that will be used for payroll. In many cases, the training will take place in multiple sessions as you go through the first couple of payroll cycles.

Enhanced Site Setup

When it comes to your payroll and time management systems, no two clients are exactly the same. Due to this, you will need to have a personalized payroll management program and site to help ensure your system is running the right way. A customer support executive can help with all phases of this integration. This includes helping to ensure that your existing payroll data loads properly, that the program is in compliance with DCAA or any other regulatory agencies, and that it is properly integrated into your other software programs. This will ensure there are no hiccups during the initial phases and that all data is tracked and employees and contractors are paid the right amount and on time.

Free Ongoing Support

After you have received the initial demo and training, you are bound to have issues come up as you continue to learn the system. Fortunately, the free excellent customer service continues even after the training is done. The customer support team is knowledgeable and responsive to your questions. You can receive real-time feedback and conversations over the phone or live chat. You also can send emails to a dedicated representative or search up frequently asked questions and answers that are available to you at all times.

Knowledge Base

Hour Timesheet is always striving to make updates and improvements to our time tracking software. Because of this, sometimes there may be changes to how the platform looks or how you use it. That is why we have an ongoing Knowledge Base for all active Hour Timesheet clients to take advantage of. In the Knowledge Base there are plenty of articles on frequently asked questions, common mistakes in setup, new updates to the platform, and so much more.

If you are going to invest in a new payroll and time management program, you will want to know that it works well and supports your business. You also will want to know that there is a good customer support team to ensure you are properly trained and to answer any questions. You should contact the team with Hour Timesheet today to learn more about this time management program and how the customer service team will ensure you are always up and running.