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Understanding Your Requirements

Calculating Overtime

Finding the right tool for calculating your employee overtime hours

Business owners don't like to pay employees unnecessary overtime and employees don't like to feel slighted when it comes to being paid for hours worked. FLSA requires hourly employees to be paid for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours and failure to do so can be costly.

Finding the right timecard calculator tool like Hour Timesheet that calculates overtime, lunch breaks, shift time and total hours can be a chore in today's market, Timekeeping software vendors are a dime-a-dozen. Knowing which solutions work the best for your requirements is the key to choosing the right tool.

Timecard Calculators

There are several ways to track employee time. Each industry and business owner must understand what tool will meet their needs and select the tool with the best fit.

Hour Timesheet Timecard Calculator Options

  1. 1. Web Clock - best for users who sit at a desk and have access to a browser. Great for employees who simply need to clock in and out or even those who need to capture work hours again job codes.
  2. 2. Time Clock - best for shop floor employees or users who work in the manufacturing industry and are required to use a physical time clock where the time clock is relied upon to calculate the overtime automatically. This option dates back to the old school time card clocks but today's modern technology makes setup and functionality of these systems easier and more reliable.
  3. 3. Timesheet Entry - best for employees who simply need a time card calculator to enter hours directly in a time sheet app or solution.
  4. 4. Mobile App - best option for a remote hours calculator. Contractors and employees who travel will find this option as the best tool for time tracking. This app is a free time card download in the Android and iOS marketplace.

The key to identifying the right timekeeping software tool for any company is to evaluate the ease of use for employees and managers while ensuring that software correctly calculates time worked and absence time while providing a direct feed in to the company's financial data and payroll process.

Hour Timesheet 's focus on simplicity makes the work time calculator a must for employers looking for an affordable and reliable time clock calculator for your employees. The hours calculator is available both on the web and in the mobile app store. Click the button below for more information.