Employee Mobile Location Tracking App

Hour Timesheet Feature


Using the Hour Timesheet mobile location tracking app,, employees can clock in and out, switch jobs, enter leave, and enter notes from any iOS or Android mobile device. The Hour Timesheet mobile app lets your team clock in and out with a single click, recording the timesheet data needed for payroll and job costing with 99.9% accuracy so you know what job was done, where it was done, and how long it took to complete.

How HTS Mobile works

Employees will install the app on their phones from the iOS or Android store. Once logged in, the users will "opt-in" to to allow location tracking inside the app. Upon clock in and out, the user's time & location are captured. Timesheets are updated real-time on the web.

The Benefits of Hour Timesheet’s Mobile Location Tracking

Gone are the days when work took place mostly in one location. Today’s employees are often working offsite, whether remotely from home or at various job sites in multiple locations. This is especially true if you have several contract employees scattered across different geographical areas.

To better manage all these disparate locations where work needs to be tracked and monitored, the Hour Timesheet mobile location tracking software provides simple GPS capabilities.

Here are the major benefits of our solution:

Easy to Use

Employees can use their iOS or Android devices to download the Hour Timesheet mobile app. After logging on, it takes only a tap or two to log hours worked, and from what location. Supervisors can then see when and where employees were getting work done. more...

Accurate Time and Location Reporting

Using the Hour Timesheet location tracking feature in the mobile app gives employees a way to accurately and honestly report their location and activity related to job projects. Knowing that this data is recorded and reported helps employees make fewer mistakes and provides a clearer picture of their activities while on the clock. more...

Promotes Continuous Audit Readiness

If your business needs to prove DCAA compliance or FAR compliance when it comes to cost accounting and job costing, Hour Timesheet has your back. The software instantly records all necessary data that a surprise audit might require, so you can instantly produce the necessary reports to prove your ongoing compliance. more...

Integrates With QuickBooks and More

Hour Timesheet’s GPS tracking features also integrate seamlessly with the most popular and common accounting software packages such as ADP, QuickBooks, Insperity, PAYCHEX and others. This integration pulls all pertinent data directly from the app and into your accounting software to help eliminate errors and streamline the entire accounting process. more...

Employee GPS Tracking Puts You Ahead

Unlike other time and attendance software packages, Hour Timesheet and our location tracking feature are specially designed for contractors who need to accurately track a host of data points required to prove DCAA compliance on complicated projects that span multiple locations and contractors.

Our solution can give you peace of mind and put you at the top of the list for future business opportunities with clients who have similarly stringent regulatory requirements that your competition just won’t be able to match.


How much does the Hour Timesheet mobile app cost?

It is free for your employees to use and download. The app makes it simple to track their time worked and where work took place.

How precise is the location tracking?

The Hour Timesheet Mobile app tracks the exact location of each "Clock In" and "Clock Out" time.

How secure is the GPS and time data reported by Hour Timesheet’s location tracker app?

All data sent via a mobile device through the app is secure and automatically backed up.

How long does it take for the mobile app GPS data to arrive in reports?

All clock in and out punches generated in the Hour Timesheet mobile app are real-time and will appear in the reports in rea-time.