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ADP Integration

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Before a csv file can be created from HTS for ADP, you must first provide the proper payroll items to the Hour Timesheet support desk so they can enter these codes on the back-end. 

Please send the pay codes that ADP requires to support@hourtimesheet.com

Saving ADP Exporting Settings (A One-time Requirement)

Timesheet data created in Hour Timesheet can be exported to ADP using a csv file.  To export data from Hour Timesheet, follow the instructions below.

Login to your Hour Timesheet login page as user with admin or accountant role

Navigate to the Export/Payroll Settings menu item

Complete the Payroll Settings data fields

  Payroll System – Select ADP

  File Identifier – Hour Timesheet will create a unique file name for you

  Pay Frequency – Select from Weekly, Bi-weekly, Semi-monthly or Monthly

Enter the Company Code/Client Code

If additional mapping is required, select the field that maps to the Pay Types in ADP from the Earning Code/Pay Type Mapping drop down provided

Click Save

ADP Export Settings screenshot

Exporting Timesheet Data to ADP

Navigate to the Export/Payroll Settings menu item

Place a check in the box next to the timesheet(s) that you would like to export

Click the Export Selected button to begin the sync process.

A pop-up box will appear confirming the records to be exported.

Click the Export button to complete the export process request

Custom Export [Video clip]

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