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Why Approve Timesheet Data?

  1. Only timesheets that have been approved by a Supervisor or Admin will be exported to payroll.
  2. Both Supervisors and Admins have access to approve timesheets.
  3. Timesheets can be approved without an employees signature.
  4. Employees can not change timesheet data after a supervisor or admin has approved the timesheet.

Approving Timesheets

To Approve an Employee Timesheet follow the step below:

  1. Login to Hour Timesheet
  2. Navigate to Review Timesheet menu
  3. Click the Approve button to approve a timesheet for the period. This action will add a signature row to the timesheet along with a record in the audit trail. This action will also auto generate an email to the employee if notifications have been turned on in the Settings page.

Timesheet Review screenshot


Timesheet Filters

Filters can be set to change the display of the employee list by group and by timesheet status. If no group exists then the page will default to “all”. The following filters are all “states” that an individual timesheet may be in.

  • Submitted – Timesheets that have been signed by an employee.
  • Approved – Timesheets that have been signed by the employee and a supervisor and/or admin.
  • Rejected – A timesheet that has been rejected by a supervisor or admin
  • Processed – Timesheets that have been exported to a company’s payroll file will be marked with the Processed status. Once Processed, no changes can be made to the timesheet. If changes are required, a correction timesheet must be created.

Timesheet Review Filters

Correction Timesheets –

Once a timesheet is Processed, the only way to change the data on the timesheet is to create a Correction timesheet.  Clicking the Create Correction link on the Review Timesheet page, a 2nd copy of the timesheet is created.  Once a correction exists, the employee and/or supervisor can make the required adjustments.  Notes about Corrections

  1. Correction timesheets must still be signed and approved.
  2. Correction timesheet data will not be exported to payroll for QuickBooks integration. A report summarizing the corrected data will be available on the Report page.

correction timesheets

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