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Correction Timesheets

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A timesheet is marked as Processed once it’s been exported to QuickBooks. A processed timesheet cannot be edited for audit control purposes. If you have a timesheet that has been marked as Processed and needs to be edited, you must create a correction timesheet. The proper workflow for correction timesheets are as follows.

1. In your Hour Timesheet account, navigate to the Timesheet Review page

2. Select the timesheet to be corrected/edited

3. Click the yellow Correction button

4. You will now see a duplicate copy of the original timesheet. This copy is where you will make the edits/corrections. Make the necessary changes to the timesheet.

5. Have the user (employee/contractor) Submit the updated copy of the timesheet

6. Have a manager/supervisor Approve the updated copy of the timesheet.

7. At this time, the timesheet is ready to be Exported again to QuickBooks

8. But first, log in to your QuickBooks company file and navigate to the employee’s timesheet data and delete the entire data for this period.

9. Once the time data has been removed from QuickBooks, navigate back to your Hour Timesheet account and follow the steps to Export the revised timesheet.

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