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Employee Role – Adding Leave Hours

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Adding Leave Hours

  1. Login to Hour Timesheet
  2. Navigate to My Timesheet menu
  3. Click the Add Leave Hours button
  4. Select the appropriate Leave Code
  5. Click Save
  6. Enter Hours to appropriate date/day on timesheet

Employee Role – Charging to Leave [Video Clip]

Additional information regarding leave hours and leave balances

Timesheet behavior is dependent on setup of leave policy.

  • Balance is reduced after timesheet is submitted at the end of each timesheet period.
  • User receives error message upon entering time that exceeds current balance.
  • User may be allowed to “go into the negative” if feature is configured.
  • System will stop accruing leave once limit “ceiling” is reached. Additional leave earned or accrued after leave ceiling is reached is moved to the “lost” column.
  • System will reset balance to “carry-over” value each year
  • Balance will reflect manual adjustments (if any).
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