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Inactive Users

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Inactive Timesheet Users

Hour Timesheet will import your company’s employee and vendors (if selected) during the initial data import process as well as each time you sync your data. To set a inactive timesheet users, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Hour Timesheet as a user with Admin role

2. Navigate to the Employee List menu

3. Click the More button next to the name of the employee you are wanting to terminate

4. Click the “Turn Sync Off” if this user is active in your company QuickBooks file

5. Click the “Make Inactive”

inactive users

This user will no longer show up on the active employee list.  You can use the Filter button on the top of the employee page to toggle the view between user types

Timesheet Status Options

There are 3 different status’s file employee self-sign-up email invitations from Hour Timesheet

Pending Invite – the employee has not been sent an email invitation to sign up for Hour Timesheet. An email address must be in the email address field to trigger the Send Invite process.

Invitation Sent – the email invitation has been initiated from Hour Timesheet. The status will remain unchanged until the employee completes the sign-up process.

Signed Up – the employee has received the email and clicked the Sign-Up button to initiate the signup process. The link in the email will expire within 72 hours. If necessary, the Admin can resend the sign-up invitation to the employee.

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