QuickBooks Desktop Integration

Authorized Charge Codes

A direct link between jobs and employees.

Reminders & Alerts

Daily reminders, correction timesheet and approval alerts.

Audit Trail

Timesheet activity log updates with each entry.

Manager Signatures

Multi-tiered supervisor signatures on each timesheet 

Eliminate Charging Errors

Tighter control with employee time tracking. Authorized charge codes restrict employees to only charge to what you allow. This includes customer jobs, service items, classes, payroll items and leave types.

Eliminate Lost Timesheets

Real-time insight for managers. Hour Timesheet allows managers to view employee & vendor timesheet data 24/7. Each timesheet can be signed by a single manager or many.

Eliminate Manual Entry

2-way data sync allows for data such as employees, vendors, customer/jobs, classes, service items and payroll items to be entered once into QuickBooks and with a single click the data is populated into Hour Timesheet using QuickBook's Web Connector.

Eliminate Overtime Surprises

Employees track time by payroll items. Manage unplanned overtime with real-time reporting features and daily hour summary reports.

QuickBooks employee time tracking

Customers & Jobs

Items (Service)

Payroll Items


Works great with both locally hosted QuickBooks files or 3rd-party hosting options such as Right Networks.
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