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Creating Hour Timesheet Announcements

Access to Feature

Users with the following roles in Hour Timesheet will have access to the Announcements feature. This section displays announcements created using the Hour Timesheet Dashboard. The Hour Timesheet Dashboard is a simple way to communicate company specific information to your employees and contractors.




Create A new Announcement

1. To create a new announcement. Follow the steps below

2. Navigate to the Announcement menu

3. Enter the following information in the Create/Edit Announcement(s) form

4. Start Date

5. End Date

6. Title for Announcement

7. Announcement Content

8. Select from the list of Available Employees

9. Click Apply

Edit an Announcements

1. Once announcements are saved. The content can be edited by following the steps below.

2. Click the announcement to be edited

3. Click the Edit Announcement link

4. Update content

5. Click Apply

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