Creating and Editing Groups

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Using the Hour Timesheet group feature is optional.  Groups are used in Hour Timesheet to structure employees. Employees may be associated to one or many groups.  By creating groups and assigning employees to groups, certain features and functions can be viewed by individual group instead of the company as a whole.

Creating A Group

  1. Login to Hour Timesheet as Admin or Accountant
  2. Navigate to Group menu
  3. Click New Group or Edit Group link
  4. Enter group detail
  5. Enter group supervisor – see note 1
  6. Enter group accounting role – see note 2
  7. Click employee(s) to be associated to group
  8. Click the icon
  9. Click the Save button to complete

Employee Role – Creating New Groups  [Video Clip]

Note 1 – Supervisors – System role allowing users to manage employee timesheet data. This includes approving, rejecting and editing employee timesheet data as well as running reports.

Note 2 – Accountants – System role allowing users ability to export approved timesheet data to specified accounting and/our payroll software. Users with the accounting role also have access to run report

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