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Employee Role – Viewing Prior Period Timesheets

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 Past Timesheet Data

Employee Role – Viewing past timesheet data in Hour Timesheet

Navigate to My Timesheet menu

Click the Calendar icon

Select the Date of the timesheet wanting to view.

Hour Timesheet View

Employee Role – Viewing Past Timesheet Data [Video Clip]

Correction Time Sheets

Once a time sheet is Processed, the only way to change the data on the time sheet is to create a Correction time sheet.  Clicking the Create Correction link on the Review Timesheet page, a 2nd copy of the timesheet is created.  Once a correction exists, the employee and/or supervisor can make the required adjustments.  Notes about Corrections

  1. Correction time sheets must still be signed and approved.
  2. Correction time sheet data will not be exported to payroll for QuickBooks integration. A report summarizing the corrected data will be available on the Report page.

Hour Timesheet Correction Timesheet

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