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Creating Groups

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Hour Timesheet Group Feature

Using the Hour Timesheet group feature is optional. Groups are used in Hour Timesheet to structure employees. Employees may be associated to one or many groups. By creating groups and assigning employees to groups, certain features and functions can be filtered by individual group instead of the company.


Creating A Group

1. Login to Hour Timesheet as Admin or Accountant

2. Navigate to Group menu

3. Click New Group or Edit Group link

4. Enter group name

5. Enter parent group (if required)

6. Enter group supervisor (see note 2 below)

7. Enter group accounting role (see note 2 below)

8. Click employee(s) to be associated to group

9. Click the > icon to move the employees from the Select Employees column

10. Click the Save button to complete.

Group Level Supervisor

The supervisor role is created to provide specific users access to features and functions within Hour Timesheet. Supervisors have access to the following:

Review Timesheet – create, approve, edit and reject employee timesheet data

Run Reports – access to real-time reporting data

Approve Leave Request for group

Create Announcements for group

To create a group level supervisor, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Hour Timesheet as Admin

2. Navigate to Employee menu

3. Click the Assign Roles link next to the employee’s name

4. Select Supervisor from the drop down

5. Navigate to Group menu

6. If group already exists, select group from box, click Edit this Group, begin typing name of supervisor identified in steps 1-4 above in Select Supervisor box

7. If group does not exist, click Create New Group and enter group details and user’s name in Select Supervisor box.

Additional Notes

1. By default, Admins have access to Supervisor privileges.

2. Only users with assigned Supervisor or Accountant roles will be available for selection when creating a new group. The role must be assigned on the Employee Details page.

3. Groups may have multiple supervisors.

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