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Hour Timesheet utilzes the QuickBooks Web Connector to enable the exchange of data between QuickBooks Desktop an Hour Timesheet. To sync your data, you will need access to your login credentials for your QuickBooks Desktop account.

You are able to select which data elements to sync between QuickBooks and Hour Timesheet. The import tool will sync Employees, Customer/Jobs, Payroll Items, Service Items, Classes and Vendors.

  1. Login to your Hour Timesheet login page as user with admin or accountant role
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu item
  3. Click the Connect to QuickBooks tab (this article requires that the initial data sync has already been established during the setup of Hour Timesheet and that the web connector file is linked from your QuickBooks company file to your Hour Timesheet account.  See Web Connector Installer for more instructions.
  4. Click the Request for Import button to initiate the import process.

NOTE 1: The import process is not immediate and may take some time (up to 60 minutes). Once the data import process is complete, you will receive an email with the details of the import.

NOTE 2: The import process should be run each time new data is entered into QuickBooks.

NOTE 3: Hour Timesheet does not allow Customer/Jobs, Service Items, Classes, Payroll Items or Vendor data to be added through the Hour Timesheet software. You must add the data to your QuickBooks company file first to sync the data.  Hour Timesheet does allow for employee data to be created using the software but these employees WILL NOT sync timesheet data back into your QuickBooks file.

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QuickBooks Desktop – Import & Export FAQ

QuickBooks Data Sync Issues

Hour Timesheet syncs with the Web Connector file provided by QuickBooks to exchange data. The following versions of QuickBooks are supported by Hour Timesheet:

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2015 or later)
QuickBooks Premier (2015 or later)
QuickBooks Pro (2015 or later)

If you have other 3rd party applications exchanging data with your QuickBooks Desktop, you will already have a version of the connector downloaded. Use the link below provided in the setup wizard to connect your Hour Timesheet site to the Web Connector.

  1. QuickBooks Desktop is not Running
  2. QuickBooks and Hour Timesheet are not connected

Before you begin. Make sure QuickBooks Desktop is running on your machine and the company file that you want to connect with Hour Timesheet is open.

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