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Manage Data with Excel

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Using Excel File to Manage Data

Hour Timesheet provides a Microsoft ®Excel template for the purpose of creating and managing account data (Employees, Charge Codes, and Pay Types). This import must be utilized if you have checked the “custom” feature in the setup wizard.

Understanding the Data Import Process

Step 1. Open the Microsoft® Excel Import File
Step 2. Prepare the file. Enter your company data

  1. Employees
  2. Charge Codes
  3. Pay Types

Step 3. Import the updated Microsoft® Excel file (your company data) in to your Hour Timesheet site.

  1. Login to your Hour Timesheet login page as user with admin or accountant role
  2. Navigate to the Settings menu item
  3. Click the Import Data tab
  4. Click the Request for Import button to initiate the import process.


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