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QuickBooks Desktop – Import & Export FAQ

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Troubleshooting your web connector

Problem: New Data Not Showing up in HTS

I have updated my data in QuickBooks but the new data does not appear in HTS. The web connector looks like it’s running correctly.

Possible Fix

Password in web connector is incorrect.  The passwords in the web connector have to match your admin login to your HTS URL. If you have updated your password in your HTS account, you will have to manually update the password stored in the web connector.

Email in company QuickBooks file has been updated and no longer matches admin record in HTS.  If you have recently updated the admin email address in your company QuickBooks file, you will need to establish a new web connector file with the updated email address.

New data items have not been mapped.  New codes will not show up on the Accounting/Codes page until they have been mapped.  To create the required mapping, follow the instructions at https://www.hourtimesheet.com/knowledge-base/creating-associations/

Problem: Web Connector File Missing

I have a new computer and now I can’t find the web connector file for HTS.

Options to Fix

Follow the instructions on the Settings/Connect To QuickBooks page to download and configure a new web connector file

Email support@hourtimesheet.com and request a new web connector file.

Problem: Inactive Users Showing in HTS

I have marked a user as inactive several times in my HTS account and they continue to show up as Active


  1. If a user is still active in your company QuickBooks file, then each time you sync the data, the user will be marked active again. In order to make a user inactive in HTS, you will need to navigate to the Employee List/More  1) mark the user as inactive 2) Turn Off Sync

Problem: Nothing Showing Up on Export Page


Only approved timesheets will show up on the Export page.  To approve a timesheet, navigate to the Review Timesheet page and click Approve next to the completed timesheets.

The Export page defaults to the current week, if you are trying to export prior period timesheets, make sure you have the correct date selected in the date picker box.

Problem: My timesheet is missing from the Export page


Since you are not able to approve your own timesheet, you will need to assign a separate user access to approve your timesheet. To assign a supervisor to a group of employees view the link https://www.hourtimesheet.com/knowledge-base/setting-up-supervisors/

Problem: I Received an Email from HTS about Timesheet Export Failures

Possible Fix

Time record is marked as billable in HTS with no Service Item. If an item on the timesheet is marked as Billable then QuickBooks will expect that record to have a service item. To correct this issue, 1) the charge code association needs to be updated to include a service item or 2) the charge code association needs to be marked in HTS as non-billable.

Company Preferences is not set to track time in your QuickBooks file.  To make sure this setting is turned on, navigate to your company QuickBooks file and go to Edit/Preferences and locate the Time and Expense tab. Make sure the check box is checked for Do you track time?

An individual employee is not set to Use Time Data to Create PaychecksThis field must be checked for each employee for the timesheet export process to populate the time cards within your company QuickBooks file.

Supported Versions of QuickBooks (for web connector)

Hour Timesheet syncs with the Web Connector file provided by QuickBooks to exchange data. The following versions of QuickBooks are supported by Hour Timesheet:

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2015 or later)

QuickBooks Premier (2015 or later)

QuickBooks Pro (2015 or later)

If you have other 3rd party applications exchanging data with your QuickBooks Desktop, you will already have a version of the connector downloaded. Use the link below provided in the setup wizard to connect your Hour Timesheet site to the Web Connector.

QuickBooks Desktop is not Running

QuickBooks and Hour Timesheet are not connected

Before you begin. Make sure QuickBooks Desktop is running on your machine and the company file that you want to connect with Hour Timesheet is open.


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