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Web Connector Installer for QuickBooks Desktop Integration

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Simple Timesheet Setup for QuickBooks Desktop Integration

The Web Connector is a built-in add on service that works with the following versions of Intuit and QuickBooks Desktop versions:

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions (2015 or later)
QuickBooks Premier (2015 or later)
QuickBooks Pro (2015 or later)

If you have other applications exchanging data with your QuickBooks Desktop, you will already have a version of the connector downloaded. Use the link below provided in the setup wizard to connect your Hour Timesheet site to the Web Connector. Follow these steps to successfully download and integrate Hour Timesheet with your QuickBooks Desktop company file.

Before you begin. Make sure QuickBooks Desktop is running on your machine and the company file that you want to connect with Hour Timesheet is open. Follow the instructions below for QuickBooks Desktop Integration (setting up the web connector)

Screen 1 – Click Download Here to begin with execution of the Hour Timesheet QuickBooks integration setup Wizard. Once download is complete, Run or Open the downloaded file from  your browser.


Screen 2 – Click Next to continue with execution of the HTS QuickBooks Integration Setup Wizard

welcome installer SS

Screen 3 – Terms of Use Agreement. Place a check in the box “I accept the terms in the License Agreement box and click Next

End User Agreement SS

Screen 4 – Click Next to download the file to the location provided in the path. This location can be changed if required.

path ss

Screen 5 – Click Install to begin the installation process.

ready to install ss

Screen 6 – Click Finish to complete and exit the wizard.

completed installer ss

Screen 7 – You will now be prompted to enter the information captured during the completion of the  Hour Timesheet Sign Up form. Enter the domain (URL) along with the email address and password created in the 1st step of this process. Click Sign In then ‘Initiate Process’ to continue.

login creds ss

Screen 8 – You will now be prompted to allow Hour Timesheet to read and modify your company file  Make sure you change the default setting to the last option of radio buttons from the screenshot below  select Yes, always; allow access even if QuickBooks is not running (last option) from QuickBooks- Application Certificate popup window and click Continue.

timekeeping software for small business QBD Setup Instructions


Screen 9 – Click OK from ‘Authorize New Web Service’ to grant web service access to QuickBooks

authorize new web service

Screen 10 – After successfully adding the application to web connector, click Update Selected button from the web connector to start the import process connect to QuickBooks. If you have more than one application connected to your company QuickBooks file, you will need to locate the Hour Timesheet application from the list and place a check in the left-hand check box.


web connector update ss


Best Practice – set the check box to Auto Run and change the value in the Every_Min to 60. This will automatically sync your QuickBooks company file and your newly created Hour Timesheet site ever 60 minutes.

Final Connection Setup – Upon successful completion, the Hour Timesheet Setup Wizard will change the connection status on the screen to Connected and the Next button will be active (you can click it).

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