Guide to Making QuickBooks DCAA Compliant for Contractors

In government contracting, businesses and contractors face challenges to ensure their accounting software meets the necessary standards. Among those hurdles is making QuickBooks DCAA compliant, which poses a significant obstacle for many small businesses and government contractors. 

Fortunately, we’re here to guide you through the essentials of DCAA compliance and explain its importance in securing government contracts. We’ll also find out how QuickBooks synergizes with DCAA requirements and introduce Hour Timesheet—a tool that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks to streamline timekeeping practices and enhance compliance.

What is DCAA Compliance?

DCAA compliance goes beyond a mere formality. It demands that your accounting system meets rigorous standards when it comes to handling government contracts. The primary objective is to meticulously track every dollar spent and earned throughout the contract.

To achieve DCAA compliance, it is essential to establish policies for key areas such as timekeeping, job costing, and the segregation of direct and indirect costs. The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) serves as the overseeing authority, ensuring that contract awardees responsibly utilize taxpayer dollars.

In essence, achieving DCAA compliance demonstrates your trustworthiness in handling federal funds—a requirement in government contracting.

The Importance of Meeting DCAA Requirements

Meeting DCAA requirements holds immense importance. Non-compliance results in penalties or missed opportunities for lucrative contracts. Compliance establishes your business as credible and reliable.

Achieving compliance demonstrates your effective financial management system’s capability to track project costs meticulously. This level of accuracy satisfies auditors and enhances your understanding of financial flow, enabling more prudent expenditure.

By making QuickBooks DCAA compliant, you position your business for success in government contracting and showcase your commitment to responsible financial practices.

Foundational Elements of a Compliant Accounting System

To make your accounting system DCAA compliant, there are key elements you need to consider. It’s essential to have accurate timekeeping mechanisms, such as Hour Timesheet, to track labor hours effectively.

Additionally, you should separate direct costs from indirect costs and keep detailed records. QuickBooks software can greatly assist in streamlining your operations and ensuring accuracy.

Integrating Hour Timesheet with QuickBooks for Enhanced DCAA Compliance

Streamlining Timekeeping Practices

Streamlining simplifies daily time entry and ensures precise tracking, meeting the rigorous standards set by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). By adopting compliant timekeeping practices, you can confidently handle unexpected DCAA audits.

Experience a range of key benefits with Hour Timesheet. Not only does it offer ease of use, but it also ensures compliance with SF1408 Pre-Award Survey standards. With its features designed to enhance QuickBooks’ efficiency for DCAA compliance, it’s like having a reliable 24/7 expert by your side.

Enhancing Reporting Capabilities

Detailed reports provide comprehensive insights that fully prepare you for DCAA audits. Having precise records readily available is essential for aligning your accounting practices with the demands of government contract accounting systems. These reports empower small businesses to stay competitive in the world of government contracting.

Setting up QuickBooks Online for DCAA Compliance

Achieving DCAA compliance in QuickBooks Online requires careful attention to detail. The setup process involves customizing job costing features and accurately tracking both direct and indirect costs. This ensures that all financial transactions are documented per DCAA guidelines.

To begin, it is important to configure your accounting software with a focus on labor distribution. This allows for the separation of expenses into categories of direct costs (such as materials) and indirect costs (such as overhead). Each expense should be accurately classified to ensure proper categorization.

Being prepared for a DCAA audit entails having detailed documentation readily available. This includes maintaining daily time entries by employees, which can be easily managed using tools like Hour Timesheet. 

Additionally, cost reports that break down project expenditures against budgets are essential. By implementing these practices, you can confidently respond to audit requests.

Streamline Your QuickBooks for DCAA Compliance Today

So, making QuickBooks DCAA compliant isn’t as simple as it seems. Here is some key information to remember.

Integrating Hour Timesheet into your workflow will streamline timekeeping and ensure compliance, keeping audits at bay. Additionally, setting up QuickBooks Online correctly is important for precise tracking of direct and indirect costs.

Remember to start with simple steps, maintain organization, and keep accurate records. Take the next step towards DCAA compliance in QuickBooks and unlock the potential for success in government contracting. Contact us today to get started.

Guide to DCAA Approved Compliance QuickBooks for Businesses

In government contracting, businesses must achieve DCAA approved compliance QuickBooks to meet regulations and maintain financial integrity. We’ll guide you through configuring QuickBooks to align with DCAA standards. By implementing customizable time-tracking features and leveraging job costing capabilities, you can exceed DCAA requirements.

DCAA Compliance and Its Importance for QuickBooks Users

Familiarizing yourself with the intricacies of DCAA requirements can save your small business from potential headaches. Navigating QuickBooks to meet these guidelines is essential for anyone involved in government contracting.

What is DCAA Compliance?

The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) sets strict rules for responsible spending of taxpayer dollars. To secure Department of Defense (DoD) contracts, businesses must track every penny meticulously. Simply skimming through your books won’t suffice; you need a deep understanding of the DCAA’s complex criteria to stay compliant.

The Role of QuickBooks in Meeting DCAA Requirements

QuickBooks Online provides a powerful platform that, when properly adjusted, can assist you in meeting the strict requirements of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). It is essential to adhere to these regulations to avoid audit problems and ensure the success of your government contracting business.

How to Make QuickBooks DCAA Compliant

QuickBooks Online offers a powerful platform that, with the right adjustments, can help you meet the stringent requirements of the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). It’s important to follow these regulations to avoid audit problems and ensure the success of your government contracting business.

Customizable Time-Tracking Feature

To meet DCAA standards, accurate labor recording is non-negotiable. Luckily, QuickBooks Online offers customizable time-tracking features that allow you to closely monitor the time workers spend on specific assignments or projects. This feature ensures meticulous record-keeping and accurate tracking of every minute worked on government contracts. 

Precise documentation is an important aspect of successful adherence to DCAA guidelines, and these time-tracking capabilities support that need.

Job Costing Capabilities in QuickBooks Online

The job costing function in QuickBooks Online tracks expenses and revenue associated with each contract or project. This feature helps you separate direct costs (charged directly to a project) from indirect costs (like overhead), as required by the DCAA.

By improving audit efficiency, this feature simplifies compliance and provides a better understanding of the financial health of your projects. It enables you to make informed decisions and implement smarter growth strategies based on accurate and comprehensive financial insights.

Hour Timesheet Integration with QuickBooks for Enhanced Compliance

Integrating Hour Timesheet with QuickBooks simplifies the process of compliance, especially for businesses handling government contracts. Adhering to DCAA standards is a must, and Hour Timesheet provides essential features for labor distribution and tracking indirect costs, ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Simplifying Labor Distribution

Labor distribution can be a complex puzzle, but Hour Timesheet makes it manageable. It categorizes direct and indirect costs effortlessly, keeping your finances organized and accurate. This streamlined process is necessary during DCAA audits, as auditors closely examine how well you track expenses for each project or contract objective. Any misstep can result in penalties or even the loss of future contracts.

With the integration of Hour Timesheet, you can rest assured that all time entries are meticulously recorded. This provides peace of mind that your daily timekeeping and invoice generation align perfectly with DCAA requirements and other government regulations.

Key Features of a Compliant Accounting System According to the DCAA

The DCAA has strict rules for accounting systems used by government contractors. These rules require accurate and transparent handling of financial matters. One important rule is the separation of direct and indirect costs. This means businesses must clearly distinguish between expenses directly tied to specific contracts and those supporting overall business operations.

An approved accounting system must also be good at identifying and keeping track of direct costs for each contract. This accuracy is important for creating invoices that reflect the true expenses of each project, ensuring fair billing practices with the government. 

It’s also important to have strong control over the general ledger, which is the foundation for monitoring all financial activities. This builds confidence in your company’s financial operations.

To navigate the complex DCAA regulations, solutions like QuickBooks have evolved with specialized features to promote compliance. QuickBooks offers customizable timekeeping, which is essential for keeping accurate records, and job costing capabilities to help manage both direct and indirect costs effectively. 

By combining software like Hour Timesheet with tools like QuickBooks, businesses can streamline the task of tracking project expenses by allocating labor accurately. This integration not only makes it easier to meet complex regulations but also improves the ability to provide detailed documentation during audits.

Streamline Your Government Contracting with DCAA Approved Compliance QuickBooks

Simplify your government contracting with DCAA approved compliance QuickBooks. It’s the key to feeling confident in your financial management. You’ve learned how important it is to accurately track time and costs, ensuring every dollar is accounted for.

Ready to take the next step? Explore Hour Timesheet integration. This handy tool makes it easy to distribute labor costs, simplifying your accounting process.

Don’t forget that separating costs is not just a good practice, it’s crucial. QuickBooks is here to help you keep track of direct and indirect expenses, ensuring transparency.

Start today. With the right setup and tools like QuickBooks Online and Hour Timesheet, being prepared for audits becomes second nature. Use these insights to create impeccable documentation that can withstand any scrutiny.

Alternatives to QuickBooks Time

For the accountant or bookkeeper who needs reliable DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Software, the decision can be overwhelming. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which software is the right fit for your business. QuickBooks Time is one of the more popular solutions, but it may not be the best option for you. This article will explore the alternatives to QuickBooks Time and explain why Hour Timesheet is the better choice.

Hour Timesheet is a full DCAA compliant time and attendance software that is designed to provide a comprehensive solution to time tracking and FAR compliance. This article will provide an in-depth look at the features of Hour Timesheet and compare them to the features of QuickBooks Time. We will also discuss the advantages of using Hour Timesheet over QuickBooks Time, and why it is the best solution for your business. Read on to learn more about the alternatives to QuickBooks Time and why Hour Timesheet should be your timekeeping software of choice.

Why Consider Alternatives to QuickBooks Time?

QuickBooks Time is a great tool for tracking employee time and scheduling, but it does not meet all of the requirements to be DCAA compliant. While QuickBooks Time offers features such as time tracking, payroll integration, and mobile app access, it lacks certain features that are necessary for DCAA compliance.

  • QuickBooks Time does not provide detailed audit trails.
  • QuickBooks Time does not offer the ability to restrict charge codes to employees.
  • QuickBooks Time does not include strong security protocols to protect sensitive employee data from unauthorized access or tampering.
  • Finally, customer support is another area where QuickBooks Time could use improvement, some common issues reported include:
    • Resolution delays
    • Inconsistency in support quality
    • Long wait times

Features and Benefits of Hour Timesheet

Hour Timesheet offers a variety of features and benefits that make it the superior choice for accountants and bookkeepers.

DCAA Compliance

DCAA compliance is crucial for businesses and contractors planning to bid for government contracts or those working on existing government projects. Comprehensive DCAA compliance makes it clear that the business has all the necessary documented procedures and policies in place, ensuring those procedures are fully adhered to and proves the business meets the nuanced requirements of the DCAA. Hour Timesheet is a full DCAA compliant time and attendance software that meets all the requirements of FAR, CAS, and GAAP. The software also includes features such as electronic timesheets, timesheet approval systems, balance tracking, billable project calculations, integration with accounting software programs, reporting and analytics capabilities, etc., making it an ideal solution for businesses looking to achieve DCAA compliance.

Cost Efficiency

Cost efficiency is an essential part of any business, and accountants and bookkeepers play a crucial role in achieving this goal. Cost accounting helps businesses identify areas where expenses can be reduced or better managed, ultimately improving the efficiency of operations. Cost accounting also provides valuable and relevant cost information to different levels of management to aid their decision-making process. Hour Timesheet makes it easy to track time spent on tasks, projects, and clients, helping businesses identify costly areas and devise strategies to reduce them. The software also offers an approval system for timesheets which ensures accuracy and compliance with labor laws. All these features help businesses make informed decisions that lead to increased profitability.

Ease of Use

Ease of use in timesheet software is a critical factor for accountants and bookkeepers, as it directly impacts their productivity and the overall efficiency of their work. Hour Timesheet offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of tracking and recording employee working hours. This, in turn, streamlines payroll processes, enhances productivity, and provides valuable insights into employee performance and project profitability.

The software also eliminates manual data entry errors through its integration with other business tools like project management software, payroll systems, or employee scheduling platforms. Finally, Hour Timesheet provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure employees are well-versed in using the time reporting system. All these features make Hour Timesheet an ideal solution for businesses looking for an easy-to-use alternative to QuickBooks Time.

Superior Customer Support

Superior customer support is essential for accountants and bookkeepers, as it not only helps them in retaining clients but also in building long-lasting professional relationships, improving their reputation, and increasing their revenue. Customer support in the accounting and bookkeeping industry encompasses several aspects, such as effective communication, proactive service offerings, leveraging technology, and delivering timely services.

Hour Timesheet offers superior customer support that sets it apart from its competitors. The software provides a dedicated team of professionals with expertise in the accounting and bookkeeping sector who can help users understand the system’s features and resolve any issues quickly. The software also offers regular updates that keep users informed on the latest developments in the industry, helping them stay ahead of the competition. Finally, Hour Timesheet offers an intuitive user interface that makes onboarding new employees much easier. All these features make Hour Timesheet an ideal choice for businesses looking for superior customer support.


Accountants and bookkeepers need reliable software to manage their time tracking and timesheet management tasks. QuickBooks Time is one of the more popular solutions on the market, but there are alternatives that offer a more comprehensive set of features tailored to specific accounting and bookkeeping needs. Hour Timesheet is a full DCAA compliant time and attendance software that provides a comprehensive solution for these tasks. It offers features such as cost efficiency, enhanced decision-making, superior customer support, integration with other business tools, electronic timesheets, reporting capabilities, etc., making it the ideal choice for businesses looking for an alternative to QuickBooks Time.

Start your free trial of Hour Timesheet today!

Can Intuit Force Users to Switch from QuickBooks Desktop to Online?

QuickBooks has been a go-to accounting software for small business owners for decades. However, Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks, is now making a push to move all its users off the legacy QuickBooks Desktop platform and onto the newer, cloud-based QuickBooks Online subscription model. The company has been aggressively promoting the benefits of QuickBooks Online and has caused some concern among QuickBooks Desktop users, who may be hesitant to switch.

You Have a ChoiceMaking the Switch from QuickBooks Desktop to Online is not Manditory

For government contractors, it is crucial to maintain accurate and reliable financial records to comply with the strict regulations of government agencies. While QuickBooks Online may offer some benefits such as convenience and accessibility, it does not have all the advanced features necessary for government contracting firms. QuickBooks Desktop has more robust job costing capabilities that are essential to government contractors. Additionally, many government agencies require contractors to submit financial reports in specific formats, which may not be possible with QuickBooks Online.

What’s the Future of QuickBooks Desktop?

Ultimately, the future of QuickBooks Desktop may depend on the continued demand from users and the ability of Intuit to balance the development of both platforms. For now, small business owners can continue to use QuickBooks Desktop with confidence, knowing that they have access to a trusted and established accounting solution.  Intuit has stated that it will continue to offer support for QuickBooks Desktop, including software updates and technical assistance. However, it is unclear how long this support will be available as Intuit shifts its focus towards QuickBooks Online.

Sticking with QuickBooks Desktop also has other advantages

Expert Support

QuickBooks Desktop has been around for over 20 years and has a large community of experts who can provide help, advice, and support. This support is invaluable, especially for government contractors who have complex accounting needs. If you switch to QuickBooks Online, you may not have access to this level of support. Sticking with QuickBooks Desktop means that you’ll continue to have access to this support whenever you need it.

Familiarity and Ease of Use

QuickBooks Desktop is familiar to many business owners, and its ease of use is unmatched. It’s intuitive, and users with minimal accounting experience can navigate it with ease. For many government contractors, making the switch to QuickBooks Online may mean having to learn a new interface and adopting new processes. It may also mean having to train current staff, which can be a time-consuming process.


All in all, QuickBooks Desktop offers the best solution for government contractors who want to ensure that their record-keeping is up to par and that they are compliant with government regulations. For those who are thinking about making the Switch from QuickBooks Desktop to Online, check with any the referral partners listed on the Hour Timesheet website.

Is QuickBooks a DCAA Approved Accounting System? 

Is QuickBooks a DCAA Approved

When you are in the business of federal government contracts, DCAA compliance is non-negotiable. DCAA stands for the Defense Contract Audit Agency. QuickBooks provides an accounting package that is well suited for small to mid-sized businesses, but often, the question arises; Is QuickBooks a DCAA Approved Accounting System?. QuickBooks offers two options and several different versions depending on your unique business requirements. QuickBooks offers both a desktop solution and an online tool, and either can be set up to be DCAA/Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Compliant, especially with our DCAA compliance checklist. The keys are Job Costing and Labor Distribution. 

DCAA Contracts

Potential government contractors who wish to bid on certain types of contracts should know that although the contracts vary, there is a difference between direct costs and indirect costs.

  • A direct cost is a cost that can be tied directly to the production of goods or services. A direct cost may be variable. An example of a direct cost is labor cost or manufacturing supplies.
  • Indirect cost allocations include overhead expenses such as rent and insurances and general expenses like accounting department costs. Indirect costs are harder to pin down and harder to allocate to a specific project or item. Using a timesheet tracking application in conjunction with an accounting package like Quickbooks, you can better control the indirect cost allocations, particularly for general and administrative expenses, to the correct cost objective.
  • One type of DCAA contract is called a cost reimbursable contract, where the direct cost and a percentage of the indirect costs are paid. This type of contract requires the accounting system approval under FAR subpart 16.3.

What is QuickBooks? And Is QuickBooks a DCAA Approved Accounting System?

QuickBooks is an accounting software solution that allows for integration across multiple platforms to make payroll quick and easy. They have two main products that make their service worthwhile.

QuickBooks Desktop

This interface of web-based time tracking software and payroll makes QuickBooks Desktop an ideal tool for DCAA Compliance. We base this on our experience with hundreds of clients over several decades. Furthermore, the QuickBooks Desktop integrated payroll module permits the charging of time directly to the General Ledger. This includes Customer, Job, and Service Items, which are immensely beneficial.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a cloud-based solution that is not, at the outset, designed to meet the FAR and DCAA requirements and has some limitations. The good news is that there are ways to make the QuickBooks Online system meet all the government’s requirements without too much effort.

What is DCAA Compliant Accounting Software?

DCAA-compliant accounting software is software that meets DCAA requirements. Your chosen accounting package – in this case, QuickBooks is set up to meet the requirements. Timekeeping and the allocation of costs are of particular importance. Consequently, QuickBooks Time Tracking software integration is an essential aspect of DCAA compliance.

Refer to DCAA compliance explained for more information.

Any accounting package set up to meet compliance requirements will be subject to strict internal controls to ensure financial integrity. One of these internal controls should be an internal accounting system audit regularly. There should also be regular checks on a monthly basis to see that all the income and expenditures balance.

The Benefits of Being DCAA Compliant for Small Businesses

If you are DCAA compliant, you may be one step closer to securing funding from the federal government programs SBIR and STTR. These programs gear towards supporting innovation and technology in small businesses. Integrating Hour Timesheet’s DCAA-compliant timesheet with QuickBooks will be invaluable in pursuing this kind of opportunity.

Is QuickBooks DCAA Compliant?

Yes, QuickBooks can be set up to be DCAA compliant, but it doesn’t automatically meet DCAA standards and requires additional configuration to be compliant. Certain elements of the software do meet the standards, including the ability to properly segregate direct costs from indirect costs. This can be accomplished by using the software’s reporting features to separate costs by project as well as items versus expenses. When searching for DCAA-compliant accounting software, QuickBooks also operates under general ledger control, which is required under the standards. Another example of how the platform conforms with DCAA standards is its support of separating preproduction costs in a number of ways.

On the other hand, as a DCAA-compliant accounting system, QuickBooks as it is distributed falls short in a number of ways. For instance, it does not automatically calculate indirect rates per your company’s rate structure. It also fails to offer time tracking capabilities required to identify employees’ work according to intermediate or final cost objectives. Satisfying these and other requirements calls for expert configuration of the platform as well as integration with time tracking software that provides additional functionality. These are areas in which Hour Timesheet’s solutions can be of exceptional benefit to your enterprise. We provide you with the expertise necessary to make the most of your QuickBooks setup and ensure you are making QuickBooks DCAA compliant.

There are three areas to consider:

  • Chart of Accounts establishment
  • Flow of transactions
  • Cost and Computations

It’s important to note that one should always bear Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) in mind when analyzing your accounting system.

Even if you understand all the regulations, it is still best to refer to the DCAA compliance checklist. Where possible, seek professional assistance! Be ready to implement policies and procedures that need to be applied consistently across your business.

Keys to Compliance

  • Employee time tracking posted daily with required explanations for edits and record locking.
  • Printable timesheet reports.
  • Policies & Procedures oriented toward FAR Compliance Criteria found in DCAA’s SF-1408 pre-award audit checklist.
  • Consistently applied labor dollar distribution accommodating uncompensated OT for salary exempt personnel.
  • Indirect Cost Pools and the ability to compute and forecast Indirect Rates applied to Direct Costs under Cost Reimbursable Awards.
  • Progress billing + Cumulative dollar values reported against award ceilings tied to cost proposals.
  • Identification and segregation of Unallowable Costs as defined per FAR 31.205.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, but it gives a good idea of what to expect. One of the best ways to help navigate QuickBooks DCAA compliance with timekeeping and accounting systems is to partner with a company that has a demonstrated knowledge of government contracts. It can also be helpful to review multiple services and look for important features in DCAA compliant time tracking systems.

What Happens if You Fail a DCAA Audit?

You may lose your contract or face a suspension of payment. Be assiduously aware of remaining compliant. Floor checks are routine, and timekeeping records are an essential part of your compliance. A floor check is the DCAA’s way of verifying your employees.

One way to help ensure you pass your DCAA audit is to get any requested information to your auditors quickly. This can speed up your audit, and help ensure the DCAA auditor has all the information they need. In order to do this, it’s best practice to keep excellent records and track every process and transaction. Hour Timesheet allows businesses to keep these kinds of records, in a convenient, cloud-based place.

Is QuickBooks a DCAA Approved Accounting System? Let Hour Timesheet help!

Hour Timesheet isn’t just a timekeeping software provider for government contracts looking to pass a DCAA audit. We also partner with dozens of CPA firms and consultants who can assist you with the entire life cycle of getting a DCAA-approved accounting system. Call Us Today! We can introduce you to our extensive list of experienced partners and answer the million dollar question…Is QuickBooks a DCAA Approved Accounting System?

QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

If you and your employees are sick of manually tracking timesheets, job costing, payroll, leave tracking, mobile time tracking and location tracking while staying DCAA-compliant and FAR-compliant, Hour Timesheet is here for you with time tracking for QuickBooks.

Hour Timesheet has created the ideal timekeeping software compatible with QuickBooks. You can integrate all your data with QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop with just a click, which removes the hassle of manual entry on either side.

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QuickBooks Time Tracking Integration

Hour Timesheet is all about saving you time, so you can spend that precious resource in more productive ways than tracking what you’re doing with it. As a timesheet software that integrates with QuickBooks, everything is simplified, automated, and easy for you and your employees to use without a lot of extra training.

Even better, our support team can help every step of the way. Because it is DCAA-Compliant and FAR-compliant, our software can help you maintain regulatory compliance so you can focus more on providing excellent customer service. You won’t have to track these things manually with our software:

  • Clocking in and out
  • Location tracking
  • Job costing
  • Time off requests
  • Billable and non-billable hours
  • Remote work time
  • Travel time
  • 3rd-party approvals
  • Payroll integration
  • Time used on various projects

Hour Timesheet’s QuickBooks time tracking integration is easy for all your employees to use, whether they are full-time, part-time or contract workers. This way, you can keep up with a demanding project schedule in multiple locations without worrying about time lost.

Timesheet Software Compatible With QuickBooks

As work changes and becomes a mix of mobile, remote and in-office work, companies need a flexible, accurate and simple way to track, account for, and analyze time and attendance and payroll data. That’s why we created time tracking software that integrates with QuickBooks.

Hour Timesheet gives you the power to do that and more, with expert customer support that makes integrating with QuickBooks a snap. Our customer support team is well versed in the needs of government contractors bidding on projects that require DCAA compliance, which makes us unique in the world of time and attendance software.

Our software empowers companies big and small with accuracy, fewer headaches, and broader insight into their time and payroll data. Plus, the smooth integration with QuickBooks gives you more ways to analyze your data, reduce waste and more effectively get the job done.

In addition to integrating with QuickBooks, our software also integrates with other applications, including Paychex, ADP, and more. Start tracking time the easy way, with no hidden fees, no contract and excellent customer support.

a QuickBooks ProAdvisor Can Help With DCAA Compliance

QuickBooks ProAdvisor & DCAA Compliance Specialist Partner with Hour Timesheet

For any business, today, having good bookkeeping and accounting records in place is very important. This is particularly true for organizations that do business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and may be subject to a DCAA compliance audit. For those that are looking for support with this, working with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor can be a great option. These advisors can offer a range of services to help your business and remain in DCAA compliance.

What is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

QuickBooks continues to be one of the most popular accounting programs for businesses of all sizes. For those that would like to start using this program, finding a way to convert from existing accounting programs and integrate it into their business is very important. A QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor can help with this. They can offer a range of services to help you integrate your existing accounting program into QuickBooks and ensure you are getting as much out of it as possible.

What is DCAA Compliant Timekeeping?

The Department of Defense is a major organization that does business with many vendors across the world. Generally, they will provide payment for services that will include costs that you have incurred. This can include hours worked by yourself and other employees with your team. The process of DCAA compliant timekeeping involves properly tracking hours and accruing them to the right project while retaining all necessary records.

How Can a QuickBooks ProAdvisor & DCAA Compliance specialist Help you?

If you are trying to improve your DCAA accounting practices, working with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor is a good idea. These professionals can offer various services that will ensure your accounting practices are up and running properly. This can include upgrading your accounting program to ensure you have a DCAA-approved accounting system that will properly account for your DCAA-related hours and all records are properly kept.

When Should Someone Hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor?

There are various situations when hiring a QuickBooks ProAdvisor & DCAA Compliance specialist will be a good idea for your business. One situation will come if you start to enter into contracts with the DoD or other governmental agencies. The QuickBooks Advisor will help by giving you the support you need to establish your accounting processes to ensure they are DCAA compliant. Even if you are not entering into these contracts, a QuickBooks ProAdvisor can still be helpful as they can help you establish QuickBooks and integrate it into your business while ensuring you are using it as well as possible.

Hiring a QuickBooks ProAdvisor & DCAA Compliance specialist can be a great idea. These services can help ensure that your accounting processes are up and running properly and that you are complying with any DCAA requirements. When you need to find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor and are looking for this support, working with Hour Timesheet is a great option. This company can offer various services with QuickBooks and other record-keeping needs to keep your company organized and efficient.