Employee Time Clock Solutions

Close-Up of an Employee Time Clock Machine

Looking For An Time Clock?

Organizations who utilize time clocks are looking to eliminate human error by recording start and end punches for employees though a device. The main goal of any time tracking solution is to give you accurate data for tracking your employee work hours and PTO time.

There are a few factors to consider when shopping around for a time clock for your employees

  • Ability to clock in/out for shifts, breaks, and lunch
  • Automated overtime allocation and business rules
  • Web based administrative access (modify data, run reports)
  • Payroll and accounting software integration
  • Real-time reporting capabilities
  • Access to employee leave balance data
  • Employee job selection at the clock
  • Free mobile app with purchase of time clock
  • Employee access to total hours and a summary of worked hours at the clock
  • Data storage capabilities (in the event that internet connectivity is disrupted)
  • A battery back-up power device for short-term power failures

Time Clock System Options

You need to think about how employees will sign in and the number of employees who will need to clock in and out on each time clock. Having the answers to these basic questions will help you determine the type of device you will need and the number of clocks to be purchased.

Nowadays, you can also find a time clock that uploads attendance information into a cloud based system so that you can easily export the data to payroll systems.

  1. Biometric fingerprint time clock
  2. Prox or HID time clock
  3. Bar Code or Magnetic Swipe clock
  4. Pin entry

Given that a great employee time card system will save your business real time and money it’s well worth the effort making the most informed and best selection that you can. You’ll also find that a good system will be appreciated by your employees, will lower resistance to filling in timesheets, make for happier payroll staff, and less headaches for the business owner and manager.