Time Tracking Software Features

An Easy-to-Use, DCAA-Compliant Time and Attendance Tracking Package

  • Time Tracking
  • Leave Time Management
  • Job Costing
  • Location Tracking
  • Mobile Time Tracking
  • DCAA Compliance

Hour Timesheet empowers you, employees and contractors to accurately track time on work, including time spent on jobs. One of the biggest time and attendance software benefits from Hour Timesheet is the deeper insight into individual and company productivity.

The intuitive interface makes the software easy to use. Accurately invoice clients and use Hour Timesheet’s reporting features to verify how much time was spent on each work activity. This improves trust between you and your clients, and helps you make wise decisions for future projects.

Time and Attendance Software Features

The following time tracking software features make time and attendance tracking a simple, easily accountable process.

Time Tracking

Hour Timesheet features time tracking tools, giving you more visibility into time worked, overtime, leave tracking, job costing, location tracking, payroll integration, clock-ins and clock-outs, billable and non-billable hours, third-party approvals, and more. This insight helps you streamline operations and improve efficiency — providing proof of DCAA compliance in a snap.

Job Costing

Hour Timesheet benefits your company by helping you more accurately project job costs. Simply enter the bill and pay rate details for every employee’s job code. This automatically generates accurate job costing reports that enable you to provide more precise estimates for your clients.

Leave Time Management

Well-informed employees with control over their leave are happier, more productive employees. Hour Timesheet’s leave time tracking benefits include helping your employees track their leave balances, carry-overs and accruals. It helps employees make easy online requests for vacation days, sick days, holiday leave, and other paid and nonpaid time off.

Location Tracking

Through the Hour Timesheet mobile app, employees can track travel time and work time. Employers can easily view each employee’s location, even managing multiple employees in multiple off-site locations.

Mobile Time Tracking

So much work happens outside the traditional office today. The Hour Timesheet mobile app also helps remote employees in an easy-to-use format, so they can track time working from home, remote client sites or the office. It also enables tracking for lunch breaks, travel time, etc.

DCAA Compliance

Hour Timesheet’s time and attendance software is fully DCAA compliant, empowering you to keep detailed reports that can ensure you are ready for any surprise audit. Daily timesheet reminders are fully automated, tracking billable and non-billable hours, collecting signatures, and more. This keeps you eligible for more contracts with the Department of Defense as well as other governmental organizations requiring similar stringent time and attendance accounting standards.

Although there are several time and attendance packages available, Hour Timesheet is the easiest, most reliable software tool with a mobile option that helps you strictly adhere to stringent DCAA accounting standards. It also integrates your payroll with QuickBooks, saving your staff even more time, so you can focus on pleasing customers.

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