QuickBooks Timesheet Integration

Why Use Hour Timesheet Instead of QuickBooks for DCAA Compliance?

Detailed audit trail of all timesheet entries. Hour Timesheet contains an activity log that tracks each entry made to the employee time card. The QuickBooks Timekeeping feature does not include this type of audit trail.

Multiple supervisor signatures. Hour Timesheet allows for more than one supervisor to sign or approve each time card. Employees in a cross functional (matrix) organization can have each manager approve or reject each timesheet. The QuickBooks time tracking feature does not have a means to have more than one manager approve a timesheet. 

Authorized charges. Hour Timesheet includes the ability to limit employees to only see charge codes they are authorized to record hours worked against. Limiting what the employee can see on the timesheet eliminates the possibility of employees charging to unauthorized codes. The QuickBooks time tracking feature does not does not allow you to restrict the codes that users are assigned to.

Reason required. Employees and contractors who don’t log time worked daily can be prompted to enter a reason for the tardy entry. Hour Timesheet also requires the user to enter a reason for editing previously entered time on a timesheet The QuickBooks timesheet feature does not prompt users to capture a reason for late or edited entries. 

Correction timesheet process. Hour Timesheet includes a correction time tracking process providing alerts (emails) to supervisors and site admins when correction timesheet data is created.  This feature assures that payroll is notified of any changes that effects payroll cost from prior payroll periods. The QuickBooks timesheet feature does not include a correction timesheet workflow.

DCAA Compliant. Hour Timesheet is a fully featured software app that checks all of the boxes for DCAA compliance for both small businesses and large. The QuickBooks timesheet feature IS NOT a DCAA compliant timekeeping software solution

Hour Timesheet Integration with QuickBooks

With a click of a button Hour Timesheet syncs all of your QuickBooks Timesheet data to/from QuickBooks. Enter new employees, job codes, service items and class list in QuickBooks and use the sync tool to populate the same data into Hour Timesheet. Once time cards are submitted and approved by supervisors, all employee time data is populated back into QuickBooks Timesheet entries.

Question? What kind of data does the Web Connector sync with Hour Timesheet?

Answer: Employee List, Vendors (1099’s), Customers & Jobs, Payroll Items, Service Items, Classes

Enter data ONCE in QuickBooks. Use the import tool inside Hour Timesheet to populate your site.  The import tool can be used to update your data ANYTIME you add new data to QuickBooks.

After timesheets are completed, Hour Timesheet will import the data back into your company QuickBooks file by using the import tool as an admin from within Hour Timesheet.

Question: What does Hour Timesheet Send to QuickBooks?

Answer: The Timesheet Export process will populate the weekly time cards in your company QuickBooks file with the following data.

Employee Name, Date of Entry, Hours by Day/date, Customer, Job, Service Item, Class, and Payroll Item charged to on timesheet.

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DCAA Approved Timekeeping System

DCAA Approved Timekeeping System

Is Your Company Ready?

Most likely, your answer to this question is, “I don’t know”. It’s often the case that a company thinks maybe they could be ready for a DCAA audit, but has little confidence that they would pass. On the other end of the spectrum, are you a company who thinks you’re definitely ready for DCAA because you have an expensive or robust accounting and/or timekeeping system?

Unfortunately, if you never had DCAA in your office before, then you probably are not ready, regardless of your systems.

Contrary to what you may have heard, you cannot “buy” a DCAA-approved accounting system. No accounting or timekeeping system has ever, or will ever, receive DCAA’s stamp of approval. As a government agency, they will not endorse a product in that manner. In addition, DCAA never “approves” your systems anyway. Instead, they test your end to end system, policies and procedures and determine if it is “adequate”. In a nutshell, they want to make sure that you walk the talk and you do it according to regulation.

How can you prepare for an Audit?

Test yourself

Internal audits (or as we call them “mock audits”) are an ideal way for you to determine where your gaps are and correct those gaps. They are also great to get you ready for an audit as practice. Having an outside party review your accounting system, timekeeping system, chart of accounts, policies and procedures, then test you on those, is the only way to ensure you are ready. Without such a test, you are walking into the battlefield blind. –  Arrowhead Solutions, LLC,

What do they test (or look for)

  • Daily time entry for every employee
  • Are all employees capturing all hours worked (paid and unpaid)
  • A detailed audit log or audit trail of every entry made to the employees time card
  • A system that tracks time by project or job codes
  • The ability to capture both direct labor cost and indirect labor cost
  • Supervisor submissions and approvals
  • Documented timekeeping procedures
  • All time worked (on government contracts) and overhead

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DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Key Requirements

Advice from the Experts

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DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Checklist

Best practices to ensure your DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Checklist is Complete

Timekeeping continues to be a hot item for government contractors including DCAA Compliance. Adequate timekeeping practices are crucial to successfully securing or maintaining a government contract accounting system. Often deficient timekeeping is the reason for failing a DCAA (defense contract audit agency) audits. Hour Timesheet can help you check off all the items on your DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Checklist today!

The timekeeping system or procedures must be documented in a timekeeping policy or procedure provided to all employees.

All of the key elements of an adequate timekeeping and compliant accounting system must be addressed.

Every employee must record their time daily.

Recording time in advance or days after the fact such as at the end of the week is not acceptable.

All time must be charged

Time must be charged by day and by project and/or indirect accounts. This includes direct labor cost, indirect labor cost and uncompensated overtime.

Employees must record all indirect time.

Hours not identifiable to a given project must be charged to a proper indirect cost account.

All employee leave time must be recorded.

Employees must record all vacation, sick, holiday and other leave time to the proper accounts.

Job codes that appear in the system should be initiated by finance or the system administrator.

Job codes must be provided to employees authorized to work on a given project.

Under no circumstance may personnel work on one project and record time to a different project.

Under no circumstance may personnel work on indirect tasks and record time as direct costs to a project or vice versa.

Corrections are approved by the employee’s supervisor.

Under unusual circumstances where the employee cannot make the changes to timesheet, the accountant or administrator may make such changes with the employee’s consent.

All employee time must be signed by the employee.

All employee time must be approved by the employee’s supervisor.

All employees should be provided at least documented time keeping training awareness.

Periodic monitoring of compliance with time tracking requirements should be conducted by “practice” DCAA audits or floor checks.

Time sheets and all corrections must be maintained for a period of at least 2 years.

However, project records under a government contract must be maintained for audit purposes for a period of three years after final payment. The requirements for record retention are contained in FAR Subpart 4.7.

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Hour Timesheet includes all the features for a DCAA compliant time tracking software for both small businesses and large. Employee timesheets are in the cloud are available real time with an online approval timesheet process for supervisors. We can review your requirements together to make sure your DCAA Compliance Timekeeping Checklist is complete 

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DCAA Compliant Timekeeping Key Requirements

Advice from the Experts

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Hour Timesheet: The Ultimate Solution for DCAA Compliant Employee Time Cards

As a government contractor, you understand the critical importance of accurate and compliant timekeeping when it comes to managing your projects. The Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) requires government contractors to maintain precise records of employee time cards to ensure transparency and accountability. Finding the right solution that meets these requirements can be challenging. That’s where Hour Timesheet comes in. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Hour Timesheet is the ultimate choice for government contractors in need of DCAA compliant employee time cards.

The Essential Timekeeping Features of a DCAA Compliant Solution

When searching for a DCAA compliant time card solution, it’s crucial to look for specific features that will meet your needs. Here are the primary features that a compliant solution must include:

  1. Timesheet Customization: The ability to set up timesheets tailored to your specific contract requirements and project needs is essential. Look for a solution that allows you to create customizable fields, including labor categories and project codes.
  2. Accurate Time Tracking: Ensure that the solution provides accurate time tracking capabilities. It should allow employees to record their time worked on various tasks and projects, including breaks and leave, with precision.
  3. Mobile Accessibility: In today’s mobile world, having access to time cards on the go is crucial. Look for a solution that offers mobile accessibility so that employees can track their time from anywhere, anytime, using their smartphones or tablets.
  4. Automated Approval Workflows: Streamline the approval process by selecting a solution that automates workflows. This feature allows supervisors to review and approve time cards quickly and efficiently, reducing administrative burdens.
  5. Audit Trail and Reporting: A DCAA compliant solution should provide an audit trail and robust reporting capabilities. This feature enables you to generate detailed reports for audits, ensuring compliance and transparency.

Why Hour Timesheet is the Best Option

Now that we’ve covered the essential features, let’s explore why Hour Timesheet is the top choice for government contractors seeking DCAA compliant employee time cards:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Hour Timesheet’s intuitive user interface makes it easy for employees to track their time accurately. With its simple and straightforward design, your team can quickly adapt to using the software, reducing training time and increasing productivity.
  • Customizable Timesheets: Hour Timesheet allows you to create customizable timesheets that align with your project requirements and specific labor categories. This flexibility ensures that your time cards capture all the necessary information for DCAA compliance.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Hour Timesheet’s mobile app gives your employees the freedom to track their time on the go. Whether they’re working remotely or on-site, they can easily record their hours from their smartphones, ensuring accurate and up-to-date time cards.
  • Automated Approval Workflows: With Hour Timesheet, you can automate the approval process, eliminating the need for manual reviews and paperwork. Supervisors can easily review and approve time cards with just a few clicks, saving time and reducing administrative burdens.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Hour Timesheet provides robust reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate detailed reports for audits and analysis. These reports provide valuable insights into employee time tracking, project costs, and resource allocation, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Take Action: Sign Up for a Free Trial Today!

Don’t let the complexities of DCAA compliance overwhelm you. Hour Timesheet is here to simplify your time card management and ensure you meet all the necessary requirements. Experience the benefits of Hour Timesheet firsthand by signing up for a free trial today! Discover how our user-friendly interface, customizable timesheets, mobile accessibility, automated approval workflows, and comprehensive reporting can transform your time card processes and enhance compliance.

Visit our website at www.hourtimesheet.com to learn more about Hour Timesheet and start your free trial. Take control of your DCAA compliant time cards today and focus on what you do best – delivering exceptional results as a government contractor.

What Makes Hour Timesheet a DCAA Compliant Time Tracking Software

What Makes Hour Timesheet

a DCAA Compliant Time Tracking Software Solution


In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, government contractors face the challenge of maintaining compliance with regulations set by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). One critical aspect of DCAA compliance is accurate timekeeping. Enter Hour Timesheet, a top-notch time tracking software solution designed specifically to meet DCAA requirements. In this blog post, we will delve into the features and benefits that make Hour Timesheet a trusted and reliable choice for your DCAA Compliant Time Tracking Software Solution.



Hour Timesheet will send daily email reminders to those employees who don’t enter hours worked daily.



Employees who don’t enter daily time entries can be prompted to enter a reason for the tardy entry. Hour Timesheet also requires the user to enter a reason for editing worked hours previously entered data on a timesheet.



Hour Timesheet includes a correction timesheet process providing alerts (emails) to supervisors and site admins when correction timesheets are created.



Hour Timesheet includes a real-time detailed employee timesheet audit trail that captures all entries, edits and corrections. The detailed audit trail captures an IP address and a time and date stamp of each entry made to the time card.



Hour Timesheet includes the option of having an 8-day timesheet for those hourly employee needing to track 9-10 hour days without charging to overtime.

Need some help with setting up your accounting software to integrate with your DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) Compliant timekeeping Software Solution? Ask one of our many referral partners who have decades of experience with DCAA timekeeping requirements and timekeeping procedures and DCAA audit procedures.

Government contracting requires all hours to be tracked by both hourly and salaried employees. Hour Timesheet includes the ability for employees are able to track time again overhead, G&A, B&P as well as any other non-billable codes and billable labor cost.

Check out Hour Timesheet with full DCAA compliance and allow your employees to track time on the internet, mobile app or any remote device.

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$8/user with NO setup Fees, NO support fees and NO contract.

Start your 30-day free trail now.

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