Exporting Timesheet Data to QuickBooks Desktop

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QuickBooks Integration with Hour Timesheet

If you have been using QuickBooks Desktop for any amount of time, you certainly understand it has some benefits not available on other platforms. Though the push has been for everything to in the “cloud”, you know that QuickBooks Desktop serves your needs better than its competition. The good news is that Hour Timesheet’s timekeeping software seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Desktop. We utilize the QuickBooks Web Connector to populate each employee timecard in your QuickBooks company file.

Many government contractors have tried (unsuccessfully) to pass a DCAA audit while using only the time card features that come with the QuickBooks Desktop solution. It doesn’t take much inspecting before realizing that many of the key features of DCAA timekeeping requirements are not in the product at all.  Below are the top “missing requirements that make 3rd party vendors like Hour Timesheet a great choice for capturing employee timesheet data for your workforce.

Audit Trail

The Hour Timesheet employee time card contains an activity log that tracks the username, IP address and a time and date stamp of all entries made to the timesheet. QuickBooks has no audit trail at all.

Approval Processes

Hour Timesheet allows for multiple supervisor signatures to any timesheet. Employees and subcontractors in a cross functional (matrix) organization can have each supervisor approve the timesheet. QuickBooks does not include the ability to review and approve time entries by supervisors.

Charge Code Restrictions

Hour Timesheet includes the ability to limit employees to only see charge codes & track time against codes (Customer: Job, Service Item, Payroll Items) they are assigned to. This Hour Timesheet eliminates the possibility of employees charging to wrong labor cost code. QuickBooks – No charge code limitation are available.

Reason Required

Hour Timesheet employees who don’t enter work hours daily can be prompted to enter a reason for the tardy entry. Hour Timesheet also requires the user to enter a reason for editing a previously entered data on a timesheet in real time. QuickBooks timesheet feature does not.


Hour Timesheet includes a correction timesheet process workflow providing alerts (emails) to supervisors and site admins when correction timesheets are created. QuickBooks – feature does not exist other than a manual entry to update the corrected data.

How to Export Hour Timesheet data to QuickBooks

Timesheet data created in Hour Timesheet can be exported to your accounting/payroll software.  To export data from Hour Timesheet, follow the instructions below.  Only time sheets with the Approved status will show up on the Export page.

Export Timesheet Data to QuickBooks desktop

1. Login to your Hour Timesheet login page as user with admin or accountant role

2. Navigate to the Export Timesheet menu item

3. Place a check in the box next to the timesheet(s) that you would like to export

4. Click the Export Selected button to begin the sync process.

5. A pop-up box will appear confirming the records to be exported.

6. Click the Export button to complete the export process request

Export Timesheet Data to QuickBooks desktop - confirmation pop up dialogue

NOTE: At this point the web connector will run at its auto scheduled time, if a time increment for syncing data has not been set, you will need to  open the web connector file and force the update so that the payroll export created above can be imported into QuickBooks Desktop. YOUR QUICKBOOKS COMPANY FILE MUST BE OPEN FOR THE WEB CONNECTOR TO RUN SUCCESSFULLY.  To force the update between Hour Timesheet and QuickBooks Desktop follow the steps below.

1. Locate and open the Web Connector on your computer

2. Place a check next to the Hour Timesheet Application

3. Click the Update Selected

Best Practice – check the Auto-Run box next to the Hour Timesheet application and set the Every_Min to “60”. This will ensure that your QuickBooks and Hour Timesheet file is synced every 60 minutes. You will need to save the Hour Timesheet password in the Web Connector as well.

Export Timesheet Data to QuickBooks desktop - web connector

Once the data has been imported to your QuickBooks Desktop file, you will receive an email confirmation message containing the a summary of the information in the export file

Export Timesheet Data to QuickBooks desktop - export email confirmation

For troubleshooting issues visit Reasons Why Timesheet Data Fails to Export

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Exporting Timesheet Data to QuickBooks Online

Syncing with QuickBooks Online

User Guide for Hour Timesheet QuickBooks Online Export

Before you begin:

Make sure your Hour Timesheet site is connected to QuickBooks Online.

Navigate to the Settings menu

Click the Connect to QuickBooks tab

Only timesheets that are approved will available for the QuickBooks Online Export process

Roles with Access to export timesheet data:



Follow the instructions below to export timesheet data from Hour Timesheet:

Login to your Hour Timesheet login page

Navigate to the Export Timesheet menu item

Place a check in the box next to the timesheet(s) that you would like to export

Click the Export Selected button to begin the sync process.

After successful export of data, timesheets will be displayed as Processed under the Review Timesheet menu link

Any changes to processed timesheet data will require a Correction timesheet.

export timesheets


NOTE: Timesheets must contain a minimum of 1 Customer for proper time card syncing into QuickBooks Desktop

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Setup for QuickBooks Online

Setup Wizard

The wizard will direct you to the first step in the process. Don’t worry if you don’t have time to complete the setup now, you can come back to it at any time. You will also receive a confirmation email containing the URL and login information.  Save this email for a later date in case you don’t remember your Hour Timesheet site URL.

New setup progress screenshot

Configuration Wizard – Step 1 Timesheet Settings

Timesheet Type – This is the timesheet period. Your options are weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

Timesheet Start Date – This date/value should be set to your first weekday of your bi-weekly payroll. (note: appears in Bi-weekly selection only)

Start Day of the Week –  This is the day of the week that you would like your timesheet to begin on (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,  etc).

Start Time – This is the start time of the day. The default time is set to 12am.

Capture reason for any changes made in previous days time (check box) – When this box is checked, users will be prompted to insert a reason for editing a prior days timesheet or failing to enter time on the current day. NOTE: This box should be checked for DCAA compliance.

Timesheet Settings SS

Configuration Wizard – Step 2 Overtime Calculations

Calculate Weekly Overtime (check box)

Regular Hours per week* – This box should be checked for organizations who pay hourly employees. All hours exceeding the value entered in this box will automatically be classified as overtime.

Calculate Daily Overtime (check box)

Regular Hours per day* – This box is typically checked for organizations in California who are required to pay employees based on hours per day and not hours per week.

OT Settings SS

Configuration Wizard – Step 3 Accounting Setup (QuickBooks Online)

QuickBooks Online – Hour Timesheet will sync (import and export) data with your QuickBooks Online account.  To sync your data, you will need access to your login credentials for  your QuickBooks Online account.

QBO Settings SS

Step 3 – Accounting Setup

Configuration Wizard – Step 4 Connect to QuickBooks (QuickBooks Online)

Click the Connect to QuickBooks box.

connect to QBO screenshot
Step 4 – Connect to QuickBooks (Online)

At this time you will be prompted to enter the Email or user ID to your QuickBooks Online account.

Signing in to your QuickBooks Online account screenshot
QuickBooks Online Login Screen

If you have multiple accounts, you will have the opportunity to select the account that you would like to sync with.

multiple accounts screenshot
Multiple Accounts QuickBooks Online

You will now be prompted to Authorize the sharing of data between Hour Timesheet and QuickBooks Online.

authorize sharing screenshot

You are now ready to import all of your data from QuickBooks Online to Hour Timesheet. This process will import Employees by default (no check box required). You also have the ability to import Customer/Jobs, Service Items, Classes and Vendors. Place a check in the box next to the data that you would like imported From QuickBooks Online into Hour Timesheet

QuickBooks Online import preferences screenshot

You have now successfully imported all of your data to your Hour Timesheet URL.

Configuration Wizard – Step 5 Identify Yourself (QuickBooks Online)

By default, you will only be given the Admin role. If you are also an end user and need to complete a timesheet, select your name in the box below. This process will give your username the employee role.

Identify Yourself Screenshot
Identify Yourself Screenshot


 Next Steps

New Site Setup Steps

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