Employee Timekeeping Software for Small Businesses

Employee Timekeeping Software Top 5 Advice Tips

Get it Right the First Time

Make sure your employee handbook includes a section on employee time tracking. Highlight honesty and various examples of timekeeping fraud. Include definitions of work time and expectations from business owners

Train your managers. Hold training sessions on laws and regulations pertaining to FLSA & employee overtime policies. Also train users how to use your company's time tracking software and mobile app.

Make everyone accountable. Require 2 sets of signatures on each time card. Both employees and managers need to sign each timesheet.

Schedule internal timesheet audits Communicate objectives for supervisors who manage employees and need to approve time cards, as well as the definition of total hours and employee time tracking expectations.

Require employees to sign-off on any updates made by management.. All timesheets edits should be acknowledged by the employee. This can include employees using the web based time card app, the mobile time tracking app or users on the time clock.

DCAA Timekeeping Requirements

We've got you covered | Simple Employee real time tracking by Hour Timesheet

Authorized Charge Codes

Employee timesheets only display codes assigned by management.

Reason Required

System requires employees to enter a reason for late timesheet entries.

Timesheet Audit Trail

All timesheets keep track of employee timesheet entries and edits. The detailed audit trail that captures every change made to a timesheet.

Daily email reminders

Send reminders to those employees who forget to enter time daily or weekly.

Correction Timesheets

After you run payroll there are possibilities that timesheet data might need to change. Hour Timesheet includes a detailed and auditable record of all revised/corrected timesheets.

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