QuickBooks Timesheet Integration

Why Use Hour Timesheet Instead of QuickBooks Time for DCAA Compliance?

By choosing Hour Timesheet over QuickBooks for your DCAA compliance, you’re opting for a tool that’s custom-built to handle the intricate timekeeping demands of the most stringent audits.

Detailed audit trail of all timesheet entries. Hour Timesheet contains an activity log that tracks each entry made to the employee time card. The QuickBooks Timekeeping feature does not include this type of audit trail.

Multiple supervisor signatures. Hour Timesheet streamlines the process by which multiple supervisors can sign off on a single timesheet, facilitating a smooth approval workflow within DCAA guidelines. The QuickBooks time tracking feature does not have a means to have more than one manager approve a timesheet. 

Authorized charges. Hour Timesheet includes the ability to limit employees to only see charge codes they are authorized to record hours worked against. Limiting what the employee can see on the timesheet eliminates the possibility of employees charging to unauthorized codes. The QuickBooks time tracking feature does not does not allow you to restrict the codes that users are assigned to.

Reason required. Employees and contractors who don’t log time worked daily can be prompted to enter a reason for the tardy entry. Hour Timesheet also requires the user to enter a reason for editing previously entered time on a timesheet. The QuickBooks timesheet feature does not prompt users to capture a reason for late or edited entries. 

Correction timesheet process. Hour Timesheet includes a correction time tracking process providing alerts (emails) to supervisors and site admins when correction timesheet data is created.  This feature assures that payroll is notified of any changes that effects payroll cost from prior payroll periods. The QuickBooks timesheet feature does not include a correction timesheet workflow.

DCAA Compliant. Hour Timesheet is a fully featured software app that checks all of the boxes for DCAA compliance for both small businesses and large. The QuickBooks timesheet feature IS NOT a DCAA compliant timekeeping software solution.

Don’t simply manage your time; control it with the precision of Hour Timesheet. Make the switch today and stay one step ahead of your regulatory obligations. The trust of your customers and the success of your business are too important to leave to chance.

Hour Timesheet Integration with QuickBooks

With a click of a button Hour Timesheet syncs all of your QuickBooks Timesheet data to/from QuickBooks. Enter new employees, job codes, service items and class list in QuickBooks and use the sync tool to populate the same data into Hour Timesheet. Once time cards are submitted and approved by supervisors, all employee time data is populated back into QuickBooks Timesheet entries.

Question? What kind of data does the Web Connector sync with Hour Timesheet?

Answer: Employee List, Vendors (1099’s), Customers & Jobs, Payroll Items, Service Items, Classes

Enter data ONCE in QuickBooks. Use the import tool inside Hour Timesheet to populate your site.  The import tool can be used to update your data ANYTIME you add new data to QuickBooks.

After timesheets are completed, Hour Timesheet will import the data back into your company QuickBooks file by using the import tool as an admin from within Hour Timesheet.

Question: What data does Hour Timesheet Send to QuickBooks?

Answer: The Timesheet Export process will populate the weekly time cards in your company QuickBooks file with the following data.

Employee Name, Date of Entry, Hours by Day/date, Customer, Job, Service Item, Class, and Payroll Item charged to on timesheet.

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